Pop Culture Countdown! Music Edition! Timberlake’s Lifetime Achievement Award! Bieber Tweet-Tastic! Kayne’s Armored Cars! And More! Karalee Counts Em’ Down!

Wait… A special edition of the PCC! Nice!

I know there’s going to be a few MTF contributor’s who are getting their vigils together to mark the birth of one Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone. One of those is not myself, but you know… It’s all good!

Check out this special musical edition of the PCC after the jump!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Hola friends…happy Friday! Today — Aug. 16 — marks not only the death of Elvis Presley but also the birth of one Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone. Given these musical milestones, I’m tweaking the tune of this week’s PCC to make it extra noteworthy. Get it? Music…tune…notes…see what I did there? (I can hear my friends back in Texas moaning and groaning right now.) La-la-la…on to this week’s special music edition of the PCC!

When doves tweet

Prince black and white photo rare promo

Notoriously Internet-shy/cautious/non-believer Prince joined Twitter this week. And proceeded to post the oddest selfie ever: a picture of billowing smoke.

Prince_selfie purple smoke rare twitter photo rare

I’m not one to question the genius that is the Purple One, but c’mon dude…when something has the word “self” in it, feel free to feature yours.

Royal roster

Sir Paul McCartney live in concert photo

Sir Paul McCartney has joined the all-star lineup for next month’s mammoth iHeartRadio concert in Las Vegas. So for all those ever hoping to see a Beatle,


drake headshot on the red carpet rare promo

and Ke$ha

Kesha rare live in concert rare promo photo drake headshot on the red carpet rare promo

in one show — Merry Christmas!

Keep hope alive

sexy justin Timberlake rare promo headshot red carpet photo rare promo

Justin Timberlake will be honored at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards with the Video Vanguard Award, a sort of lifetime achievement award. It was last presented in 2011…to Britney Spears.

Britney_VMA britney spears writhing around with a snake rare promo live in concert

Sigh. Still bummed. Still hurts. Still hope.

britney spears and justin timberlake adorable photo Britney_VMA britney spears writhing around with a snake rare promo live in concert

No good deed goes un-photographed

Justin Bieber posted a heartwarming photo (and no, I’m not talking about the pic of him naked, playing the guitar for his grandma…yeesh) showing him giving money to a woman in need.

Justin Bieber giving money to a homeless woman on the sreet

He captioned it, “Always give back… ;)” Translation: “Look at me! I’m generous!” Ahh, yes, altruism at its social-media finest. It’s almost enough to make you forgive the Biebs for urinating in a restaurant mop bucket and spitting on his fans.

Justin Bieber spitting on his fans at a concert in toronto

Such a sweetheart.

Pimp my ride

kanye west headshot rare promo

Daddy dearest Kanye West reportedly spent $2.4 million on two new armored cars to transport his brood around the mean streets of Beverly Hills.

Kanye west armoured cars kanye west headshot rare promo

The vehicles are touted for their ability to “avoid kidnapping, hijacking and other problems.”

Kanye_kim on the red carpet

No word on their ability to humble or evaporate its passengers.

That’s all for this week…I’m off to Madonna’s 55th birthday party…catch ya on the flip side!

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