Russell Heads To The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament! Kid Rock! Don Cheadle! Peyton Manning! Bill Belichek! Darius Rucker! Autographs! And More!

MTF Reader and all around awesome guy Russell headed down to the ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament. There was a really great list especially for sports fans. Russell went down to see what he could get from the participants.

It looked like such a fun day!

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The ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament has been one of the best venues to meet a lot of athletes and actors over the years (Bill Murray and Clint are always great at these events by the way). Been going off and on over the last 25 years depending on who is going as it is a bit of a drive and this year was not going to go until they added two of the most iconic quarterbacks of our time, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

pebble beach golf course

pebble beach golf course

pebble beach golf course

pebble beach golf course

Practice rounds are usually the easiest to take pictures and get autographs (only day you can really bring cameras) so got there around 830am and got a nice text from a friend and said that Peyton and Bill Belichek were at Pebble Beach playing together and were at the first tee (there are 3 courses in this tournament so you really don’t know which course people might practice on, but a good plan is always go to Pebble Beach).

peyton manning at pebble beachBill Belichek at pebble beach golf course

Right away there was a bit of a crowd following Peyton and he was signing a few between holes. I was finally able to get him on the 3rd hole and actually was lucky as he kept on saying he was going to sign at the 18th and he ended up not signing that much til then (he was mobbed by tons of people there). Also was able to get Bill as well.




After that we just went back to the putting area and kinda hung out there to see who would be coming by and participating in the Celebrity Shootout. Was able to get a few down there in Darius Rucker, Don Cheadle, and Chris Berman.




I also got Aaron Rodgers to finally sign my Sports Illustrated as he has been pretty picky on what he signs and asked him if he could personalize and he said “I don’t have time, but I can sign it”.



Most of the “collectors” were going after Kid Rock and I guess he hasn’t been out and about much and kinda rare.


kid rock0001

I did bring a picture and was able to get him on one of the holes for my son (yes I really didn’t even know he sings country music now). Pretty nice guy and signed a lot for people.

Another surprise was Condoleezza Rice and really didn’t have anything for her, but she signed a scorecard and took pictures with everyone.



As for Tom Brady, we saw him at the driving range, which is sealed off to the public and waited for him to finish his golf lesson and chose to wait by these little kids with Patriots jerseys as the attendant had told Mr. Brady that there were little kids waiting outside.



Unfortunately, Brady went out the other way where we originally were waiting so luck was not on our side.

Anyway, a great day at one of the most beautiful spots on earth and anytime you get the best quarterback of all time..its icing on the top.

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