Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 9 Review And Recap! And Hell Itself My Only Foe!

The newest episode of Penny Dreadful aired last night and it was full of spooky goodness!

Awesome Anushika has a great recap, check it out below!


Penny Dreadful: S2E9 “And Hell Itself My Only Foe”

After an entire episode without Vanessa and Ethan, they make a daring comeback this week. The episode opens with the both of them killing Warren after he pays them a surprise visit at their cottage. The half chewed up man poses a threat to them and the dynamic duo goes to town with him taking turns kicking his face in and stabbing. I guess Vanessa was right. They are dangerous together.

Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 9 And Hell Itself My Only Foe 12

Right after burring Warren’s body, they get yet another visitor. For a small cottage in the middle of nowhere, they get quite a lot of action. Fortunately, this time around a familiar friendly, but worried face steps out of the carriage. The visit can’t possibly bring good news as Vanessa gave Dr. Frankenstein her whereabouts strictly to fetch her if Sir Malcolm is in any danger. All of them head back immediately. Victor fills them in on the recent events while nursing Ethan’s wounds from the previous fight.

Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 9 And Hell Itself My Only Foe 12

Meanwhile, back at Madame Kali’s crib, Sir Malcolm’s rotten family reunion continues to haunt and torture him. Guilt is a bullet no one can dodge. It keeps eating away at his sanity and his touch with reality. Madam Kali looks a bit drained after all the excitement and Hecate is never too far away taking small stabs at her every chance she gets to take her down and replace her. Nevertheless, Madame Kali holds her ground not letting Hecate break her mojo. She really knows how to push Madame Kali’s buttons and keeps testing her limit of tolerance. Can’t believe Hecate called her a dinosaur this week. Outch! Hecate better watch out before she gets turned into a fossil denying her of any hunts at all.

Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 9 And Hell Itself My Only Foe 12

Vanessa, Ethan and Victor arrive home just to see Inspector Bartholomew waiting for them outside. Ethan distracts him away from the rest. The inspector is definitely smart and knows something unexplainable is going on in the house and its people. Ethan is alarmed as soon as the inspector reveals about the new findings about his identity. Strongly determined Inspector Bartholomew is a pain that Ethan won’t be getting rid of anytime soon.

Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 9 And Hell Itself My Only Foe 12

Back inside the house, Ferdinand finally confesses his involvement with the witches. He comes clean expecting to face whatever consequences lies in front of him. However, the gang accepts his gesture of honesty into account and lets him continue the fight alongside with them. Vanessa has no intention to waste any time to save Sir Malcolm, but the rest advices against it as a caution since the witches are at their strongest in the darkness. Eventually almost all come to an agreement to attack the next morning.

At Putney’s Wax Museum, Mr. Putney and John have a heart to heart about what true evil looks like, not monsters and gargoyles, but beings that enchants and blinds you to their true selves. I guess a smile is deadlier than a set of claws.

Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 9 And Hell Itself My Only Foe 12

Speaking of true terror, Lilly and Dorian Gray bond over their own little secrets. Lily did not have him fooled for a second. He knew it was Brona Croft the moment he laid eyes on her that night at the ball. Lilly is eager to know his secrets. As a matter of fact, she demands him. One thing leads to another, Dorian end up on his knees as Lilly towers over him. Dam girl, you got these men falling at your feet like little puppies.

Meanwhile, one of her puppies can’t handle sharing her and end up shooting up every chance he gets to escape the pain and rejection. Vanessa isn’t too thrilled about Victor’s addiction. He tries to justify it through science, “Life is nothing but a series of chemical reactions. So to accelerate or decelerate that process is no great matter.” Yea, nice try Frankenstein! A small dude with control issues, and falling in love for the first time definitely pushed him over the edge. Vanessa attempts to console his matted mind. She calls him a “beautiful monster” and goes on to say that there are those who could love him. Sounds familiar? It’s almost as his creations are mirror images of himself one way or the other, seeking companionship and love.

Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 9 And Hell Itself My Only Foe 12

Ethan and Sembene bonds over their own well kept secrets. Sembene urges Ethan to tell Vanessa everything, but Ethan hesitates not to burden her already troubled self. He gets a surprise visit from Hecate. Her “recruiting” efforts have failed before, but she is persistent. He really can’t catch a break, there’s someone waiting to startle him at every corner.

Back at Putney’s Wax Museum, John Claire is facing his own hunters. Their daughter plays him like a fiddle and John ends up behind bars caged like an animal. Yikes! Can’t really say I saw that coming. A blind girl blinded him. That has got to sting. I guess we finally figured out the Putney’s hidden agenda and poor John was so loyal and grateful to the family, he was totally caught off guard.

Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 9 And Hell Itself My Only Foe 12

In the meantime, Lilly and Dorian get frisky with each other and Lilly “tests” his ability and literally takes a bite off him in the process. This woman means business and she will stop at nothing to build her immortal army. Seeing Dorian put his missing pieces back together certainly opened her gates.

Panic takes over Grandage place as they discover the absence of Vanessa Ives. They all prepare to go after her and Ferdinand is more than mortified about the premature attack. He calms down when Ethan hand him a “gun” he could handle. Honestly, I think he could do more damage throwing it at an attacker than shooting out of it. The gang heads out through underground tunnels unnoticed. Sembene is absolutely worried about Ethan going out with a full moon, but nothing stops Ethan from going after Vanessa.

Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 9 And Hell Itself My Only Foe 12

For an all-out battle, everything started out a little too calm and slow. Ethan and Sembene got locked in a stairwell while Victor got separated from Ferdinand ending up getting locked in the same room as Sir Malcolm. His attempts to snap him out of his trans backfired as soon as Victor’s own ghosts started haunting him.

Madame Kali takes Vanessa down to her impressive doll collection. Vanessa is not surprised to see her own mini version. It’s bad enough that these dolls are all kinds of creepy, but her doll actually comes to life. For the love of God, it talks to her. Dolls are evil. That is all.

Penny Dreadful season 2 episode 9 And Hell Itself My Only Foe 12

With the full moon rising Ethan knew the night could not possibly end well. Sembene prevents him from killing himself claiming Ethan is God’s chosen one. The episode ends with a sad note. Sembene sacrifices himself for the greater good. RIP loyal friend. You will be missed.

One more episode left, and no one will hold anything back. It’s now or never. Will good win over evil, or will they finally pay their price with blood? I’m almost too afraid to find out. So much going on and I can’t wait!!!

Eva Green as Vanessa Ives and Josh Hartnett as Ethan Chandler in Penny Dreadful (season 2, episode 7). - Photo: Jonathan Hession/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: PennyDreadful_207_2933

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