MTF Rant! People Are Abusing ADA Services For The Handicapped And Disabled At Comic Con To Get In Before The Public!

We have only yet to start the Comic Con recaps, but there was one thing troubling about the con, that upset everyone I knew.

Billy felt so strongly, for the first time he did an MTF Rant about what happened. In a nutshell people were saying that they needed ADA disability or handicapped access. This allowed them to get in early, get multiple drawings and more signings. Just look at eBay, if someone got more than three WB signings on a given day by themselves… It’s probably someone who did this.

As I say, I’m for bending the rules, living in a moral grey zone, but this… It’s crossing the line.

Check out Billy’s rant on the subject below and if you can write to CCI, Comic Con’s parent company to let them know how you feel.

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I have to say, this year Comic Con was quite successful from a graphing stand point. I got a lot of the signings I was hoping for, and even more. To do this, I had to spend quite a bit of time in lines and sleeping outside. Was it worth it for me? Yes. Some people think I’m crazy when I do this, but I’ve found that it usually increases my odds if I do. I’m definitely not the only one doing it at the Con!

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So after spending hours of time waiting in line, I felt like I had a pretty good spot for the chance to draw for Game of Thrones on Friday morning, knowing that a number of people in front of me were also going for Toys and Legos. Finally when the doors opened and we walked quickly up the stairs. You could understand my amazement that the first pen for the WB was already full. How the hell did that happen? I noticed people that I know were not in front of us and nowhere to be seen earlier now in front of us? By the time I got into the 1st pen, they announced Game of Thrones was out. The whole time, I was still wondering how the hell was I so far back. The previous year, people snuck through the back, but that didn’t happen this year.

Finally after talking to a number of people throughout the day, I finally found out. People were saying they were disabled so they could get in earlier. In fact they didn’t even have to put the time in waiting in lines. They would just roll up around 5am and be waiting there before the doors even opened. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of them were stupid enough to even run to the line even though they were “handicapped.”

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Now I understand there are ways to try and cheat the system at the Con. Pretending you’re in the bathroom so you can cut in line with your friend, stuff like that. But it ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED me that people would say they were handicapped to get a spot in line and get more signings.

Definition of Handicap: a disadvantage that makes achievement unusually difficult

I would like to stress those words “Unusually Difficult”.

Are you telling me you couldn’t sit in a chair or lay on the ground just like the rest of us because you “hurt your feet or ankles”. Guess what, by the end of the weekend, all of our feet and ankles hurt. Should we all get handicap badges?

And it doesn’t look like these people have problems standing in the lines once you’re inside. In fact the same people with these handicapped badges keep going from line to line getting as many signings as they can. Then once the signings are gone, you stand in line after line to receive the autographs.

Yet you’re “handicapped?”

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You should be ashamed of yourselves! It’s absolutely disgusting you would pretend to be someone with a disability just to get more autographs!

One thing I appreciate about Marvel is they select “Wounded Warriors” to be able to get signings. Some of these solders have lost limbs. Yet they waited while other people in line went first, until Marvel finally told them to go up. They didn’t ask for any special treatment. You wouldn’t have even know they were “handicapped” unless you saw them uncles and realized they made a sacrifice for their country.

You’re telling me you deserve the same privileges as someone who lost body parts for their country, cause you supposedly rolled your ankle or foot, but can still walk and stand in lines?

My Grandfather received a Purple Heart in World War 2, and I bet he would still wait in line with the rest of us, because he would feel he was able too.

A friend came up with the idea that they should have to show their placard to receive a handicap sticker. It’s sad that it would have to come to that, but if it would keep the scum from taking advantage of the system, I’m all for it.

I might not have gotten my Game of Thrones poster, but at least I have my morals and dignity!

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