Billy Beer Hops To It At The Peter Rabbit Premiere! Meeting Margot Robbie! James Corden! Elizabeth Debicki! Domhnall Gleeson! Rose Bryne! And More!

Welcome back to Billy Beers Barstool. Today we are off to the Peter Rabbit Premier hoping to get some good graphs. After finding out Daisy wasn’t going to be there, I was still hoping on getting Margot Robbie and Rose Bryne (I’m a HUGE fan of Damages). So I got up bright and early in the morning and made my way to The Grove to try my luck.

I wouldn’t say the crowd was huge, but there were still a number of people there. It helped they put us off to the side so the normal Grove traffic couldn’t really see us and join. A few walkers arrived first, the kid from Young Sheldon was amongst them.

Finally the first arrival came, and it was the movie’s star James Corden. After getting his little ones organized, he came straight over. All I had was a picture from the movie which he was nice enough to sign. Then I asked for a “Quick Pic”, which he replied “Dick Pic?”. I nearly spit in his face laughing so hard.

James Cordon signing autographs with fans Peter Rabbit Premiere signing autographs 9

Peter Rabbit signed autograph poster james cordon Premiere signing autographs 10

Elizabeth Debicki was next to arrive . She came straight to me and signed my Guardians picture quite nicely. I was also able to get a card signed. After she signed she took some pictures and was on her way. She is TALL!!!

Elizabeth Debicki  with fans signing autographs Peter Rabbit Premiere signing autographs 8

Elizabeth Debicki  with fans signing autographs Peter Rabbit Premiere signing autographs 8

Finally the one I was actually most excited to see arrived, Rose. Now, I’ve heard she’s not the nicest. But she did come right over after getting camera ready. Unfortunately, her publicist was nice enough to give her a pink sharpie and she ran with it. At one point she even looked at it like maybe she should be signing with another color. I offered my blue, but her publicist said “no, we’re fine”.

Rose Bryne signing autographs Peter Rabbit Premiere signing autographs 7

rose Bryne signed autograph photo rose Bryne signed autograph photo

Now she wasn’t the most enthusiastic, she didn’t take photo-ops, didn’t really even smile. But if you had your photo out while she moved down the line she signed it.

Lou Diamond Phillips decided to stop by.

lou diamond phillips signing autographs

Domhnall Gleeson was next to arrive. Now, we didn’t get Daisy, but at least we got one star Wars person…….Who immediately announced he was not signing any Star Wars items and would only sign them through his charity. I think half the things got pulled back as soon as he said that. All I had was a magazine for Andy, so I just had him sign my Peter Rabbit picture. He also personalized everything and inter-looped the names. He knows all the tricks.

Domhnall Gleeson with fans signing autographs

Then we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. To the point we knew what was going to happen. Margot’s publicist comes over and says the movie starts in 10 minutes and she probably won’t be able to sign. When she finally arrived, she rushed to the stage to a chorus of Boos. I myself didn’t boo, and usually I get mad when people do, but when the rest of the cast shows up 30 minutes before you do, fans aren’t going to be nice.

She did sneak a few photo-ops and a couple of graphs when she was on the red carpet. But told everyone she would do it on the way out. Well, as waited for her to leave, we saw her and reminded her she said she would sign. Well, the miserable attempt of a line turned into a mob. I was pretty far back, so I just waited for her to walk past me. She very quickly stopped signing cause it was crazy and as she got to me, I used my magic phrase and she signed one and then dropped the pen on the next guys magazine.

MArgot Robbie Signed autograph photo psa


All-in-all, it was a good event. I got everyone I was hoping to get, and didn’t have to spend the whole day there. Till next time (like another 6 months)

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