Photo Flops! Pretty In Pinky Meets Desperado… I Mean Antonio Banderas And Her Camera Fails! DOH!

So, lately, I have to tell you… The Photo Flops are flying in! I love it! Keep them coming guys!

And because I know I’m going through Pinky withdrawal because I hijacked Manic Mondays this week, I wanted to share Pinky’s latest Photo Flop with none other than Antonio Banderas!

I know!

I admit, I’ve never met Antonio but I hear he’s a really nice guy. So, you have to check out Pinky’s Photo Flop after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to share with you my most recent pain….the kind of pain only felt when you really really really want to get a picture with someone, you push and fight and struggle and persist to finally get the picture…and then your camera has a meltdown and ruins the whole thing. Darn you, stupid camera!!! I LOVE Antonio Banderas and have long tried to get a picture with him. I’ve waited at Q&As, I’ve attended premieres, and I always walk away empty handed. That is, until Melanie starred in a local play a few months ago. I went to the opening night in the hopes of meeting Antonio and to my delight, he came over to sign. I managed to finagle my way into the rabid crowd of dealers and asked him for a picture enough times that he finally relented and did it…..and then to my horror, my camera blurred the ENTIRE thing. Yep, ruined. No saving it, no way to fix it, no bright side of the story. If you squint, you can sort of make out that it is, indeed Antonio Banderas, but all you should see is my pain and tears. Gah! Oh, well. He’ll be around, right? Hopefully someday I’ll get a picture that isn’t a total tragedy.
pinky with a antonio banderas having a photo flop from mike the fanboy signing autographs rare promo hot sexy rare

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