Pop Culture Countdown! Bea Arthur Nakedness! Donna Martin Graduates Is 20! Beyonce May Possibly Be Preggers! Game Of Thrones Baby Names And More! Karalee Counts Em’ Down!

It’s Pop Culture Madness in this weeks Pop Culture Countdown!

Karalee is counting down all the goodness and insanity of this week! Man, how is it possible that such insanity occurs every week? How I say?

This week, we said goodbye to The Office, Donna Martin graduates is 20, Game Of Thrones baby names and Bea
Arthur nekedness… Ummm Really?

Check it out below!



Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks for swinging by the PCC. I’m quite sad about saying farewell to “The Office” last night…but I’m grateful to balance my sorrow with the rapidly-approaching return of “Arrested Development.” May 26 can’t get here fast enough! But enough about that. On to the regularly-scheduled celebrity shenanigans of the week…

Game changer

arya Game Of Thrones rare promo hot

The Social Security Administration released data for the most popular 2012 baby names and “Karalee” and “Mike” topped the list! Or it was Sophia and Jacob — it was a close call. What’s most interesting though is the fastest-rising girl name — Arya, which spiked from No. 711 in 2011 to No. 413 in 2012.

arya Game Of Thrones rare promo hot

It seems “Game of Thrones” fans take very seriously the act of naming their offspring. Pretty soon, little tykes across the country will be wielding swords and shouting “Burn in hell!” when they disagree with naptime protocol. Daycares, you’ve been warned.

What $2 million can get ya

bea arthur headshot rare promo fanmail hot

A 1991 oil painting depicting a topless Bea Arthur — yes, she of “Maude” and “The Golden Girls” fame — fetched $1.9 million at a New York City auction.

bea arthur naked painting rare bea arthur headshot rare promo fanmail hot

If the buyer decides to give the portrait away as a gift, one guess what the card attached would say.

bea arthur naked painting rare bea arthur headshot rare promo fanmail hot

(And if you don’t get that joke, you’re dead to the PCC.)

Here we go again?

beyonce red carpet pregnant

One thing is abundantly clear: Beyonce MAY be pregnant — and there is a CHANCE Blue Ivy will be getting a sibling.

beyonce red carpet pregnant

That much, the PCC can confirm. Carter Kiddo (part deux) rumors started swirling when Queen B canceled some recent concerts, citing “dehydration and exhaustion” — obviously code words for “I’m with child.”

beyonce red carpet pregnant

If the rumors prove true, I look forward to greeting Red Fern or Fuchsia Fig later this year.

The chant heard ‘round the world

donna martin graduates rare promo tori spelling beverly hills 90210 photo

I’m referring, of course, to “Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates!” This past Sunday (May 12) was the (gulp) 20th anniversary of the famous “Beverly Hills, 90210” episode that saw the West Bev students storm the school board, all in support of their beloved Donna — who was being denied all senior activities, including graduation, because she got drunk at prom (Thanks a lot, Mel Silver, way to serve the minors.).

donna martin graduates rare promo tori spelling beverly hills 90210 photo

Ironic the 20th anniversary would fall on Mother’s Day, given that the wretched Felice Martin initially wanted nothing to do with supporting Donna in contesting the punishment.

donna martin graduates rare promo tori spelling beverly hills 90210 photo

It wasn’t until Donna broke out the whole “But-I-caught you-cheating-on-dad-in-a-hotel-while-chasing-Color-Me-Badd-and-still-forgave-you” argument that Felice relented.

donna martin graduates rare promo tori spelling beverly hills 90210 photo

Don’t judge me — we all have our strengths and rampant, insatiable knowledge of “90210,” “Friends,” and “The Cosby Show” is mine.

Pedal pusher

dwayne wade walking through the halls rare promo sports stars

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, and longtime boyfriend of movie star Gabrielle Union (Remember how she’s 40?),

gabrielle union hot sexy rare headshot promo photo

made headlines this week — not for his play on the court, but rather what he wore to the court. That would be a purple, polka dot, capri pant suit. I can deal with the purple, even the polka dots. But when Steve Urkel’s pants are longer than yours, there’s a problem.

urkel rare promo family matters photo abc TGIF lineup

And the loafers with no socks? Not helping. This look is like Jennifer Lopez attempting to sing live or Anne Hathaway expressing sincere graciousness: It just fails miserably.

That’s all for this week…catch ya on the flip side!

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