Pop Culture Countdown! George Clooney Woos Star While Dating His Current Ex! With Wahlberg New Love Interest! Take Back the Night Controversy! And Dave Mathews! Karalee Counts Em’ Down!

Hey there, PCC peeps — hope everyone’s ready for a nice, relaxing weekend. Or if you’re at Comic-Con, another few days of being elbow-to-elbow with savage, unshowered super-fans. Either way, thanks for taking a few moments of your time to check out this week’s rundown in the PCC.

From Wisteria Lane to Lake Como?

Did the world miss out on Cloria? George “Will-Never-Not-Be-Hot” Clooney reportedly tried to woo Eva Longoria. One catch: He was still with now-ex Stacy Keibler.


C’mon, Cloonz — really? Eva reportedly said at the time of alleged wooing, she would not entertain his advances while he was in a relationship. She’s taken to Twitter to deny the what-could-have-been romance report, saying she and Swooney are just longtime friends.


She’s now dating Ernesto Arguello from her cancelled reality show “Ready for Love.”


Somewhere Teri Hatcher is screaming, “Over here! Pick me! I’m free!”


Take it back



Justin Timberlake caught flak for his new single, “Take Back the Night” — the same name of the foundation against sexual violence.



The organization has said it will not sue the “Suit and Tie” crooner, and he has apologized, saying he was not aware of the organization.


Or, apparently, “Beverly Hills, 90210.”



What would you say?


Dave Matthews’ bike tire popped on his way to his concert, stranding him on the side of a Pennsylvania road. He also had no cell phone. A couple — fans on their way to his concert — spotted him and gave him a ride to the venue. Matthews, in turn, invited them to dinner after the show — but they declined. As in, SAID NO!


Excuse me, kind folks of Hershey: When Dave Matthews invites you to dinner, you say yes. You always say yes. Rookies.

Have mercy

Who doesn’t love a good reunion? And when it involves fictional TV bands? Even better. Jesse and the Rippers (led by Uncle Jesse/John Stamos of “Full House”) will reunite tonight on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”


Later this month, look forward to the cool stylings of Zack Attack and Hep Alien.

Hep Alien

She’s got the right stuff

The new couple on the block is Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy. The New Kids on the Block bad boy (er, man) and new co-host of “The View” have reportedly been kicking it for a while, after flirting like crazy on her VH1 show earlier this year.

danny wood

If this stars-of-the-90s union works, perhaps they can set up a double date with Danny Wood and Carmen Electra. Spread the love!

carmen electra

That’s all for this week, friends…catch ya on the flip side!

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