Pop Culture Countdown! Tori Spelling Sex Tape! Ryan Gosling Single! Chris Brown Beating! Matt Lauer Heads To Baywatch! Oh My!

Oh it’s the post Halloween edition of PCC! Karalee is counting down all the Pop Culture Goodness hitting the airwaves this fine Friday! And there is so much… Interesting news in the way of Pop Culture!

Ryan Gosling Single! Chris Brown Beating! Matt Lauer Heads To Baywatch! Tori Spelling Sex Tape! Oh my!

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Happy November, everyone! It’s a little crazy to think we’re in the home stretch of 2013. Here’s hoping your Halloween was filled with spooky shenanigans and as few Miley costumes and “Duck Dyansty” get-ups as possible. And now on to this week’s PCC…

On the rocks?

ryan gosling eva mendes red carpet photo

Rumors are swirling that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are headed for splitsville because of commitment issues and cheating — on her part! Reports are that the actress has been canoodling with an ex-boyfriend and that she’s not ready to marry Ryan, who friends say is 100 percent down to say “I do.” That noise you hear is the collective screams of all women asking Eva, “What the $#%& is wrong with you?!?!?”

Check this

chris_brown hot sexy rare promo

After allegedly punching a man in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, the eternal charmer that is Chris Brown checked himself into rehab for anger management to “gain focus and insight.” The check-in also followed Mike Tyson’s public comments about Brown and how he is “just worried about him.”

Mike_Tyson smiling without teeth rare

Um, when Mike Tyson declares his concern for you,… you need to gain more than just focus and insight.

Pick a lane

kim Kardashian hot photo

On “The Tonight Show” this week, Kim Kardashian bemoaned the negative media coverage surrounding her pregnancy weight gain, saying it “hurt my soul” and that, because of it, she now plans to live “a more private life.” Hmm mmm, clearly.

Kardashian_selfie in her bathroom in underwear kim Kardashian hot photo

My eyes, my eyes!

tori spelling sexy photo
In her new book, Tori Spelling reveals she and her husband made a sex tape. And you thought the terror and horrors of Halloween were over. All I know is the video better not feature anyone chanting, “Donna Martin masturbates!”

donna martin graduates tori_spelling rare 90210 headshot rare promo

Son of a beach

pamela anderson baywatch

For Halloween, “Today” show host Matt Lauer channeled his inner beach babe and dressed as Pamela Anderson, circa “Baywatch.”

matt lauer halloween costume pamela anderson baywatch

Cue swimmers everywhere choosing drowning over being rescued.

That’s all for this week…catch ya on the flip side!

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