Pretty In Pinky: For The Love Of The Breakfast Club And Judd Nelson! God Bless John Hughes!

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“Don’t you, forget about me…Don’t.. Don’t… Don’t… You.. forget about me.” I think I have a new rule and that’s every Pretty In Pinky column needs to start with song lyrics! That’s just what I think…

Today, the lovely Pinky is talking about what I consider one of the absolute best films in the John Hughes cannon, and really one of the best films ever… The Breakfast Club… Ah… Good times… This is the only One Sheet Cast Signed movie poster I’m allowed to have in my living room, so you know it must be good. Well, actually my poster is in the kitchen now… Breakfast Club… Kitchen… You get the idea…

Anyway, take a gander at the latest from the Pinkmeister after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to discuss another must-see movie in the John Hughes legacy of films. Today’s film of choice? The Breakfast Club.

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to see it, The Breakfast Club is about five high school students (a jock, a cheerleader, a geek, a bad boy, and a loner) who have to spend one Saturday together in detention. To watch them explore relationships, peer pressure, and themselves is nothing less than spectacular. the breakfast club cast photo rare molly ringwald ally sheedy emilio estevez judd nelson rare promo hot anthony michael hall john hughes classic rare promoIt’s funny, witty, poignant, relevant, touching, and real. I loved the friendships, I loved the love stories, but most of all I loved the characters and wanted to be friends with them in real life.

Specifically, I wanted to date John Bender, who was the bad boy played by Judd Nelson. The Breakfast Club cast photo john bender judd nelson rare promo wallpaper press photo john hughes classic signed autograph pretty in pinkyI can still quote probably every line he says in the film. When I found out he was at the Sundance Film Festival this year, I couldn’t even contain myself. I completely geeked out when I met him. I’m not even sure words came out of my mouth I was that star-struck. As luck would have it, I ran into him again in LA a few weeks later and he was just as cool as can be (are you listening, Molly Ringwald? Take some notes from Judd and be nice to your fans, m’kay?).
breakfast club signed autograph judd nelson rare pretty in pinky mike the fanboy hot john bender now 2011 where is he now
The only other member of the cast I’ve met in person (who was nice) was Emilio Estevez. I saw him playing cards in Vegas and I was able to get his autograph and talk to him for a few minutes. He was just as awesome as Judd.
breakfast-club-soundtrack one sheet movie poster rare molly ringwald john hughes anthony michael hall emilio estevez ally sheedy judd nelson rare
Someday I hope to meet and get pictures with the remainder of the cast, but for now I’ll continue to look at my framed Judd Nelson picture on my wall and smile. Big props to the late John Hughes for his classic films and if you still haven’t seen any, go out and rent one today. 🙂
emilio-estevez-then in a breakfast club promo press still rare jock hot sexy
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