Pretty In Pinky Gets The Weird Science Trifecta! Anthony Michael Hall! Kelly LeBrock! And… IIan Mitchell-Smith! Grrrrrrr…

“Weird Science! Plastic tubes and pots and pans, Bits and pieces and Magic from the hand We’re makin’ Weird Science!”

So, I’m a tad jealous of Ms. Pretty in Pinky… See she was supposed to wait and let me go with her on her latest adventure… Did she wait for me like she said she would? Nope? Did she ditch me and plan this excursion by herself? YES! Grrrr… I say, and what am I left with? An original unsigned Weird Science mini poster! Harrumph I say! HARRUMPH!

Ah well, anyway… Ms. Pretty in Pinky just met the final piece in her Weird Science trifecta! Mr. Iian Mitchell-Smith! I’m jealous! Check out her full report after the jump to read all about her Weird Science goodness!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to share with you some EXCITING news….that’s right, my Weird Science Trifecta is now complete! Weren’t we just talking about this last week? I’ll admit, just thinking about it kinda forced me into action and I was able to meet the elusive last member of the trio – Ilan Mitchell-Smith.

weird science rare press promo still kelly lebrock anthony michael hall iian mitchell smith rare robert downey jr promo still john hughes

Unfortunately, as often happens when I meet someone I really, really want to meet, I became a complete dork on a platter around him. Seriously, it wasn’t pretty. My hands shook, my tongue tripped over itself, I’m surprised I didn’t pass out. It was that bad. Luckily, Ilan is a total sweetheart and didn’t take too much offense to my being a freak. Thank goodness! I didn’t realize he’d be the one to send me in a tailspin, but I should’ve expected it, as he was the one I had the Big Crush on from the film.

weird science rare press promo still kelly lebrock anthony michael hall iian mitchell smith rare robert downey jr promo still john hughes

How I loved his cute little nerdy role and how Lisa (played by Kelly LeBrock) took him under her wing and kissed him (lucky lady!). Of course I love Anthony Michael Hall from, well, everything, but in this particular movie, Ilan was it for me. I’ve wanted to meet him ever since the film came out, so I really should’ve known that actually doing so would be a Big Deal. Isn’t it funny how I can be totally calm around someone like, say, Johnny Depp or Halle Berry, but Ilan Mitchell-Smith leaves me unable to speak? Who knew?

mike the fanboy with weird science star iian mitchell smith 2011 where is he now rare promo fan photo wyatt
Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the whole Weird Science Trifecta began with the picture I was able to get with Kelly LeBrock at the Hollywood Collector’s Show earlier this year. Sure, I had to pay for the picture (grumble), but, hey, when am I going to see Kelly out and about? I took the shot and it paid off, as it seemed to put the Universe on alert that my Trifecta was now ready to be completed.

Kelly_LeBrock weird science star with pretty in pink from mike the fanboy hot sexy promo fan photo

Here it is, only a few months later, and it’s done! I’m seriously more excited than I probably should be, but Weird Science is just such a fun movie. I love it. I love the cast, I love the dialogue, I love the friendships. I love it all (especially Ilan). If you haven’t seen it, rectify that immediately. You’re welcome.
pretty in pinky with anthony michael hall star of sixteen candles weird science vacation breakfast club rare

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