Pretty In Pinky: Getting Crushed In The Madness Just To Have A Second With The Sexy Johnny Depp!

You know, I always get super stoked when I hear about someone getting to meet a celeb they’re admired or tried to get for years and years… I’m especially happy for my friends! Whoo Hoo!

The saucy Ms. Pinky from Pretty In Pinky got to meet and get a photo with someone she’s loved for years, oh hell we all love this guy. I mean who doesn’t love Johnny Depp? You would have to have no soul to dislike the guy. I mean with his history… Come on!

So, I was so happy to read Pinky’s latest column about Mr. Depp! Whoo to the Hoo!

Check out her recap after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to talk to you about one of my most exciting celebrity encounters ever. One that was so enthralling, in fact, that I was unable to speak or stop shaking for at least half an hour after it happened. I simply couldn’t believe it: I’d somehow managed to get a picture with the one and only Johnny Depp!
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The first time I ever saw Johnny Depp onscreen was during one of the only horror movies I saw in a theater. Actually, I think it was the only horror movie I’ve seen in a theater because I hate scary movies. But, Nightmare on Elm Street seemed tamer than the rest so I took a chance. I’m glad that I did because Johnny Depp was a dream come true. Yum. He went on to star on the TV show 21 Jump Street and became a heartthrob in his own right.

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As the years went by, he seemed to get better and better with age. He’s not only a gifted actor, but he’s beautiful and kind – a winning combination.
21 jumpstreet rare season 1 promo press cover art hot rare johnny depp hot sexy peter deluise

Although I’d long heard rumors of how great Johnny is to his fans, I’d never had the chance to see him in person until February of this year. He was scheduled to arrive at the Rango premiere, and I was excited to see him. Everyone I encountered that day seemed to look at me like I was off my rocker when I said I had nothing for him to sign and just wanted a picture, but that’s OK. All I could do was try, right?

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As luck would have it, the premiere was on Valentine’s Day, which is my favorite holiday (hello, a day that celebrates all things PINK? Mark me down for a yes). I call it Pink Day. To celebrate the day, I was armed with a plethora of those little conversation Sweethearts candies which I passed out to my friends and had even given a box to Alec Baldwin at his star ceremony that morning (which was also the day I first met Lindsay from, but I digress). I saved one last box for Johnny.
johnny depp rare promo press still rum diary hot sexy purple glasses promo benny and joon

It’s always hard to know where to stand at premieres and this day was no different. Everyone there had already picked out a spot that seemed prime, but there wasn’t any room left for me. I ended up claiming a corner nearby, still on the barricade, but across from a curb. So, I picked my spot and waited. Finally, the big event started and Johnny arrived. True to form, he started with my corner, but missed where I was standing entirely. Gah! I couldn’t even see him through the crazed mob. I think I saw his hand signing, but that was about it. I saw where my friends were and all of them were completely squished. I’m glad I wasn’t stuck in that madness, but kinda bummed I missed him.
So, I watched him sign one corner and then the next and then the next. And then he took a break and went on the red carpet. He posed with some kids and did interviews and then out of nowhere, he crossed the street to where I’d moved (which was directly across from where I was – it was the only corner he hadn’t been to). CB was next to me and he got the first autograph. When Johnny got to me, I said, “This is for you” and handed him the box of candy. He said, “Thank you” and then I think I squeaked out, “Could you please just look?” or something like that and somehow I leaned in for a picture and he looked up into the camera (despite his security wanting to block it) and….it was done. It happened so fast, but the important thing was that it happened! I got my picture! Sure, I look completely and totally insane and about to pass out, but no matter. Johnny Depp and I shared the briefest of brief moments and for that I’ll be forever grateful. Best Pink Day ever!
Johnny Depp with mike the fanboy columnist pretty in pinky at the rango premiere.

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