Pretty In Pinky: Growing Up Brady! Pinky Talks About Her Love And Friendship With Mike Lookinland AKA Bobby Brady!

“Here’s a story, of a Lovely Pink… Who befriended a Very Nice Brady…” Sorry, had to be done. In her latest installment of Pretty In Pinky, the wonderful Pinkster is sharing her friendship with Mr. Mike Lookinland AKA Bobby Brady. Apparently, Mr. Lookinland became a cement sculptor or an artist who uses cement? Is that the right way to say that… hmmmm…

Anyway, a giant heart table now sits in the residence of our beloved Pinkster courtesy of Bobby Brady himself… Only Pinky, that’s all I have to say about that!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to tell the tale of my friendship with Mike Lookinland (otherwise known as the adorable Bobby Brady on the beloved TV show “The Brady Bunch”). Yes, that’s right; I’m friends with Bobby Brady. He’s been to my apartment, his number is in my iPhone, and I’ve met his family. Jealous?

the brady bunch opening title sequence rare logo promo hot florence henderson rare

Our friendship began several years ago when I was still living in Salt Lake City and my favorite thing to do on a weekend was peruse the local Farmer’s Market. One day I heard a rumor about Mike having a booth there that year. What’s this? Bobby Brady right under my nose?!?! I had to see for myself if this were true. Sure enough, I crossed the Farmer’s Market and lo and behold, Mike Lookinland was there promoting his fantastic company, Just Add Water (you can find out more about it at: Now, Farmer’s Markets aren’t really a place for celebrity stalking – it’s a casual, relaxed vibe, so I couldn’t just walk up and ask for a picture. I had to be cool, right? (Well, even cooler than I normally am – ha ha). So, instead of just walking up and asking for a picture, I started looking at his concrete wares. And when I say looking, I mean, falling in love with his concrete wares. Seriously, Mike’s got some mad skills. He specializes in concrete tables and kitchen counters, but he can make benches, or anything, really. I was sold. I asked him if he could possibly make me a pink heart-shaped table (start with something easy and small, right?) and he was up to the challenge. Having never made a heart-shaped table before, he agreed to try – mixing two different shades of pink to create the most amazing piece of pink marble furniture on earth.

And that, as they say, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Well, an acquaintance-ship (is that a word?) to be sure. Whenever I was at the Market, I’d stop by to say hi, and when my table was ready, Mike delivered it right to my door (with some help, of course, since weighs about 200 pounds….YIKES! Totally worth it, but very, very heavy). He even came by a few months later and helped refinish the top with a fancy luster. He’s the greatest. Did I ever get that picture, you ask? Come on, what do you think? I even got a cool shot of Mike posing with the table (that he also signed on the bottom, btw) in my apartment. Awesome, right?
mike lookinland aka bobby brady and his heart coffee table made for pinky from mike the rare promo
Although I’ve long since moved away from SLC and no longer get to see Mike with any frequency, whenever I meet someone from “The Brady Bunch,” I make sure to email him the picture.Mike Lookinland and pinky in pinky from mike the fanboy brady bunch bobby brady rare signed autograph

I think (hope) he gets a kick out of it. His most recent response? “Nice work, Pinky!”
Mike Lookinland and pinky in pinky from mike the fanboy brady bunch bobby brady rare signed autograph
For additional pink fodder, please visit As always, have a pink day!
Mike Lookinland and pinky in pinky from mike the fanboy brady bunch bobby brady rare signed autograph

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