Pretty In Pinky! Meeting None Other Than The Fonz From Happy Days! Or As

“Sunday, Monday, Happy Days…” One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop quoting song lyrics in my intro paragraphs.. This will be broken fairly quickly I’m sure but at least I’m sorta trying… But music is the gateway to the soul… or is that dinner… hmmmm who knows…

Anyway, the wonderful Ms. Pretty In Pinky wrote her new column all about her love of… Henry Winkler! LOL… I still have the memory of Henry telling that little girl at the premiere of Zookeeper that she has power in her eyes… lol… God Bless him!

Back in the day man, Fonzie was the MAN… and that’s when Pinky’s crush started… Ah Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli! Making all the girls swoon!

Check out Pinky’s recap after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Today I want to tell you a very special secret….something I’ve never told anyone before. Well, except for my best friend. And my family. And all my website readers. Oh, and Fonzie himself. Other than that, this secret is safe between us, right? Long before Ricky Schroder, long before Nick Rhodes, and long before Sam Trammell, I had a True Love. He was the coolest thing in the world and I made sure I kissed his poster every night before I went to bed. The year was 1978 and I was five years old. The ruler of my heart? The one and only Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, otherwise known as Mr. Henry Winkler.
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For those who don’t know (seriously, how could you not know who Fonzie is? My mind can’t even fathom someone not knowing that),

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(Editor’s Note: I’m sure CB is completely in the dark on who Fonzie is… Just saying… M-)

fonzie rare henry winkler happy days promo press photo ehhhhhhh hot sexy 1970s rare jukebox

Fonzie was one of the stars of the TV series called Happy Days and he just oozed Cool. If he knocked on the jukebox, a song would play. If he snapped his finger, a girl would kiss him. If he’d tap on a door, it would open. He was magical. He wore a leather jacket, had slicked back hair, rode a motorcycle and had a heart of gold. His signature line was, “Aaaaaaaayyyyy” (or is it spelled Ehhhh?). So. Freaking. Cool.

happy days rare logo henry winkler promo 1970s record neon lights
I’m not really sure how it came to be that I’d kiss his poster every night before bed, but I clearly remember doing it. Years later, this little habit would reappear when I kissed a picture that hung above my bed of a boy I loved in fourth grade before I went to sleep each night, but no matter. Fonzie was my first True Love and, really, who could top that?
henry winkler rare fonzie 1970s press promo still photo black and white hot sexy ehhhhhhhh marion ross

After striking out at a talk show appearance when the street shut down and there wasn’t any access to the guests, I was finally able to meet Henry Winkler at a movie premiere earlier this year. The whole thing happened so fast that I’m just happy I didn’t pass out. What I remember was that he was ridiculously over-the-top nice, shook my hand, took a picture, and didn’t seem uncomfortable when I confessed my childhood adoration. At least I’m pretty sure I confessed. If not, I’m sure he could see it all over my face (there’s a reason Mikey refers to someone geeking out around stars as “pulling a Pinky”).

happy days cast photohenry winkler rare fonzie 1970s press promo still photo black and white hot sexy ehhhhhhhh marion ross

I’m not exactly what one would call “calm and collected” when I meet someone I’ve admired for over thirty years. I can’t help it; I wear my heart on my sleeve. Anyway, my point is that Henry Winkler is really, really nice which I always appreciate. There are a great many stars out there who could learn a thing or two about how to treat their fans and being a public figure from Henry. OK, fine, from Fonzie. They’d probably listen to Fonzie more anyway.
pretty in pinky from mike the fanboy poses for a fan photo with henry winkler aka fonzie from happy days at a movie premiere

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