Pretty In Pinky: Randomly Running Into Married…With Children, Happy Days, Love Boat, Hope and Faith Star Ted McGinley! Oh, and Revenge Of The Nerds!

I laughed out loud when I read the title of Pinky’s new post and then I chuckled to myself… I said… TED McGinley! And then I laughed… I had figured that Pinky already met Ted… After all, he was in practically every television series in the 1990s and 1980s! You have Love Boat, Hope and Faith, Married… With Children, Sports Night, Dynasty, and what I’m guessing Pinky is the biggest fan of… Happy Days. You can’t forget Revenge of the Nerds!

Damn, he was in a lot! LOL… Pinky headed out to meet the star this year, and of course had success!

Check out Pinky’s full report after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here hoping you had the pinkest of all holidays. I’ve even attached a little belated holiday greeting to you all at the bottom of this post (you’re welcome). Enjoy!

A few months back I attended the star ceremony for Ed O’Neill. After it was over I was remiss to find out that Ted McGinley was also in attendance and I’d somehow missed him. Oh, the horror! Missing a beloved cast member from Happy Days? Say it isn’t so!

ted mcginley star of love boat happy days rare sexy hot press still promo hope and faith revenge of the nerds

Luckily, my eyesight was in rare form a few weeks back at a charity event (the same one where I ran into Cindy Williams). You see, Ted McGinley wasn’t even on the list, but perhaps my senses were heightened knowing I’d missed him before. He literally walked passed us and I recognized him FROM HIS EAR. Yes, I know. I’m insane. I called out, “Ted!” and he turned around. What a spot! Even I was impressed with myself.

happy days rare 250 episodes cast photo press still rare promo hot ted mcginley henry winkler ron howard marion ross

Ted could not have been nicer. He posed for multiple photos and didn’t even seem to mind that I gushed all over him about Happy Days (and not Married with Children, which is what he’s probably best known for).

happy days cast photo rare promo hot sexy marion ross tom bosley ritchie cunningham fonz henry winkler ted mcginley

I’m so happy to have had yet another Happy Days encounter! Whoo hoo! Happy days are here again! (insert groan here).

(Editor’s Note: Consider it inserted! M-)

mike the fanboy's pretty in pinky with happy days love boat hope and faith married... with children star ted mcginley

For additional pink fodder, please visit As always, have a pink day (and Happy New Year)!

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