Pretty In Pinky Reporting Live From The 2012 Sundance Film Festival! With Ryan Kwanten! Joel Edgerton! Blythe Danner! Jason Mraz and More!

Oh that Pinky! In what I hope is her first foray into reporting live on the scene, The wonderful Ms. Pinky, from Pretty in Pinky has sent us this great recap of her first day in the cold lands of Utah! Yep, Pinky is out and about at the Sundance film festival and having a great time from what I can tell…

So far, she has already met a bunch of people like Ryan Kwanten, Blythe Danner, Jason Mraz (is he acting now?), Joel Edgerton, and more! Including MTF’s own Chuck from Texas! lol…

Take a look at the video recap and don’t judge too harshly on the editing! I’m still learning people!

Also take a look at some of Pinky’s photo’s below!

pretty in pinky takes a fan photo with warrior star joel edgerton at sundance film festival 2012! Warrior hot sexy rare

pretty in pinky with gwenyth paltrow's mom ms. blythe danner meet the parents rare signed autograph sundance film festival 2012pretty in pink with enchanted star sexy james marsden at sundance film festival 2012 rare sexy princepretty in pinky with singer jason mraz at the sundance film festival 2012 rare promo signed autographpretty in pink with sexy true blood star ryan kwanten at the sundance film festival 2012 rare jason sackhouse signed autograph hot

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