Pretty In Pinky Talks About Her Happy Days and Meeting Potsie Himself Mr. Anson Williams…

Oh my, we are going on a journey my friends, today the wonderful Ms. Pretty in Pinky is taking us back to more Happy Days memories. Today’s subject, the biggest star in all the land, Mr. Anson Williams. Yes, I know what you’re saying, how can it be? HOW! Pinky meets the biggest stars of all time!

To this I say yes. Yes, she does… And who can blame her? I can tease the crap out of her, but I can’t blame her. Honestly, I love the fact that Pinky takes such pride in trying to meet the stars of her youth… Or her syndicated youth… lol… I love the classic stars of the 1980’s, 1970’s etc…

Take a look at Pinky’s meet and greet with Potsie himself Mr. Anson Williams after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to talk about yet another exciting encounter with a member of my beloved Happy Days. Several weeks ago, I received an email from my girl Lindsay at about a charity event for Project Green that was happening on December 10th.

Happy days rare promo cast photo press still marion ross anson williams ron howard tom bosley rare promo

Among the list of celebrities to attend was the one and only Anson Williams who played the adorable “Potsie” on Happy Days. I immediately wrote back that I HAD to go in order to meet Anson. I think Lindsay thought I was joking, but I was totally serious. Hello, Happy Days, people! Happy Days!
Happy days rare promo cast photo press still marion ross anson williams ron howard tom bosley rare promo

Anson could not have been cooler. I was so thrilled to meet the one and only “Potsie” from Happy Days and he was just as nice as could be. He has this wonderful way about him that makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room. Not only was he great about posing with me for a picture (several, actually, since my camera kept failing), but he spent time talking to me and even introduced me to some friends.

anson williams rare title card promo happy days hot sexy potsie promo happy days logo title rare

Now that was above and beyond. After meeting Anson and Henry Winkler (aka Fonzie), now I just need to meet Ron Howard and Donnie Most. Oh, and Joanie and Chachi. And Mrs. C. Hmmmph. Guess I have a lot more than I thought…

pretty in pinky with happy days star anson williams potsie in 2011 rare now
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