Pretty In Pinky Tells Tales Of Go-Go’s Nights And Belinda Carlisle Concert Rejections! Ah, The Fun Of Being A Fan!

belinda carlisle live in concert in lakewood florida promo go-go's live in concert rare has the whole world lost it's head beauty and the beat hot sexy star walk of fame“We Got the Beat! Everybody Get On Your Feet! We Know You Can Dance To The Beat!”

As soon as I saw Pinky’s new article I immediately went to my Itunes and played the Go-go’s megamix. And who doesn’t love a good megamix? When you can mash Vacation with Our Lips Are Sealed and top it off with Head Over Heels… Just pure 1980’s joy! And it’s so funny cause Scotty just told me they were playing the Greek this summer for another Beauty and the Beat anniversary concert! I might have to go. Good times…

Anyway, the shy and reserved Pinky has written her latest installment of Pretty In Pinky about one of my favorite 1980’s girl groups! Check out the full article below!
“Been Running So Long, I Nearly Lost All Track Of Time, I Must Be Losing It Cause My Mind Plays Tricks on Me… Head Over Heels Where Should I go, Can’t Stop Myself Out Of Control…”


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to discuss my love of The Go-Go’s and, most importantly, Belinda Carlisle.

The year was 1982 and I was at a sleepover at my best friend’s house when I first heard the brilliant sound of The Go-Go’s. belinda carlisle rare press promo shot still I get weak mad about you go-go's first all girl group we got the beat rare promo hot sexy rare concert photo hot sexy promo live concertI can still remember sitting on her bed and being completely fascinated that there was a band out there made up entirely of girls. It was inspiring to me to think that I could grow up to be in a rock band. belinda carlisle mad about you the go-go's rare promo press still headshot I get weak rare walk of fame starOr waterski in tandem with four of my closest friends like they do on the cover of their Vacation album. Anything seemed possible.
go-go's beauty and the beat album cover rare promo hot sexy damn fine rare promo belinda carlisle gina shock kathy valentine
Throughout the years, I’ve always felt a strange kind of cosmic connection to The Go-Go’s, specifically to Belinda Carlisle. In fact, there were a few years in my early teens when people would actually ask for my autograph because they thought I WAS her. Granted, I never thought we looked like twins, but I suppose I did have a slight resemblance to her (and I’m from a small town, so who knows what they were thinking). pretty in pink from mike the fanboy with her friend paula who resembles belinda carlisle go-go's walk of fame rare signed promo hot sexyI did sign several autographs, though, because I didn’t have the heart to tell them I wasn’t her (don’t judge me). I also had a close friend who resembled her and we were often told we looked like Belinda during different years – apparently, I looked more like her early years and my friend looked more like her more mature years. Who knows.
pinky and paula pretty in pinky mike the fanboy resembles belinda carlisle head over heels rare go-go's classic walk of fame hot sexy blow backstage antics
Despite seeing The Go-Go’s perform live multiple times during my lifetime, I’ve only been somewhat close to Belinda once, but even then she was onstage. I was right in the front row and was determined to get a picture with her, as I LOVE LOVE LOVE her voice, her songs, her performances, her charm. To help my cause, I made this sign to hold up while she was onstage asking for a picture, but she just shrugged her shoulders like, “How would that happen?” I wanted to say, “Walk yourself over here and throw me a bone” but she probably couldn’t hear me even if I tried. Instead, I have this pathetic attempt at a picture. Sigh. Maybe someday, right?

To this day, I think The Go-Go’s music is light, fun, and really catchy – and it’s a perfect fit for summer. belinda carlisle rare press promo shot still I get weak mad about you go-go's first all girl group we got the beat rare promo hot sexy walk of fameIf you’ve missed their classics like “We Got the Beat,” “Vacation,” or “Our Lips are Sealed” you must download them immediately. Have I ever led you astray?belinda carlisle rare press promo shot still I get weak mad about you go-go's first all girl group we got the beat rare promo hot sexy walk of fame hot rare

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