Pretty In Pinky! Welcome Aboard As She Takes A Sail on The Love Boat With Bernie Kopell!

There are heavy hitters, and then… There are HEAVY hitters… None are as big… As the one… The only… The amazing… I could only be talking about Bernie Kopell.

I know… Calm yourselves…

The adorable Ms. Pretty in Pinky loves her 1980’s classics and she loves her 1980’s stars. Actually, I used to watch the Love Boat all the time when I was a wee youngin… God bless syndication I tell you. Nick at Nite was my friend! LOL…

Check out Pinky’s recap about her love of… Well… The Love Boat and meeting Bernie Kopell after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here still on a high from meeting the one and only Bernie Kopell (aka “Doc”) from the iconic ‘70s show, The Love Boat. Even better than getting to meet him? He wore his UNIFORM from the show! I almost squealed when I saw him I was so excited. The actual uniform?!?! Color me stoked.
the_love_boat-show rare press promo still with bernie kopell gavin macleod

Now, I’ve never been able to figure it out as an adult, but when I was young, I remember watching primetime shows in the mornings during the summer months. Three’s Company would come on at 9:30 a.m. (which, of course, I didn’t even understand and still thought it was hilarious) and then The Love Boat played at 10 a.m. I remember the times because we typically planned our days around these shows. We’d get up, eat breakfast, watch the shows, then head down to the lake to swim. Or go off to play Barbies. Or to ride bikes…wait. None of that is important to this story.
bernie kopell rare press promo still the love boat ship's doctor title card doctor on love boat

Anyway, back to The Love Boat. I loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I should probably attribute my inability to make any romantic relationship work to this day due to my thinking that every problem can be solved within an hour. Seriously. That show messed me up (and let’s not even start to dissect my taking a cruise for my honeymoon….). Still, true love abides and my only criticism was the replacement of my beloved Julie McCoy, everyone’s favorite Cruise Director. When they tried to pass off her sister Judy as the new Cruise Director (much like they tried to pass off Chrissy Snow’s cousin Cindy on Three’s Company), it was all downhill from there.

the love boar lauren tewes ship's director julie title card press promo the love boat

Overall the show worked because it ruled – the crew experienced love, help solve problems between passengers, and every week brought an influx of new passengers to obsess over. Yes, at a very early age I was exposed to the genius that was Aaron Spelling and it’s no wonder I grew up loving all things Beverly Hills 90210, another Spelling production. He knew how to make a show.

love-boat rare press promo title card princess cruise line rare the love boat title card

Bernie Kopell was very kind and friendly. He loved Sammy (so he obviously has good taste) and has a great sense of humor about his past (hence the uniform), which I appreciate. Now if only they could find a few more crew members to come aboard to the Hollywood Show (see what I did there), life would be even more grand.

pretty in pinky posing with bernie kopell from the love boat at the hollywood collector's show signed autograph rare promo hot
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