Pros and Cons of Fanboy Online and Offline Dating!


Online Dating vs Offline Dating

In this digital era, there are several options available for singles looking to date. From online dating, matchmakers, personal ads, social networks, mobile dating, and speed dating, the internet has made dating easy and convenient. Then there is the traditional offline dating where people have to meet physically and plan a date from there. The online vs offline dating debate has been ongoing. Some people feel that offline dating is more honest as emotions expressed in a natural environment will always be faithful. On the other hand, with online dating, you can easily get your perfect match. For instance, if you are a vegetarian, you can find sites dedicated to vegetarian singles only. Both methods have their positives and negatives.

Online Dating


Matchmaking Algorithms

Although it may not be the most trustworthy thing, online dating services matchmaking algorithms are still better than your matchmaking skills. With online dating, all you are required to do is to fill in the interests or traits of what you consider to be your perfect match. If you are a fitness-loving person, you can find free fit dating sites among other customized dating sites.

Millions of Singles in One Platform

When you are in a social gathering, there are probably not more than 100 people present, and you are not even sure who among them are single. However, with online dating, you can find thousands of singles who are looking for their perfect match too.

Platonic Communication

One of the best things about online dating is that you get to understand your perfect match better mentally. There are no distractions, unlike offline dating, where things such as appearance play an important role. You get to know how interesting you are for each other and how much you have in common. Depending on how you see your partner, you can either decide to go on an offline or call it off.

Convenience and Affordability

There are thousands of dating sites out there. All you need to do is browse through the profiles to search for your perfect match from the comfort of your couch.


Risk of Scammers

There exist millions of bad people with ill intentions around the world, and they tend to hide behind the internet where it is easy to remain anonymous. There have been thousands of reported online dating scams in the last decade, ranging from people being conned money, kidnapping, and worse.


If you are using unworthy dating sites, your chat partner may be lying about their background, age, and almost everything.

Too Many Choices

Online dating services have thousands of singles. You may find several singles that suits you and find it difficult to concentrate on one.

Offline Dating


You Can Determine Your Chemistry Right Away

When you meet physically, you cannot hide your emotions. It is thus easy to determine whether there is romantic chemistry between you and your date.

It Is Hard for People to Lie

Unlike online dating where people may easily lie about themselves, it is hard for people to lie when you meet them physically and looking directly into their eyes.


You Are Limited to Your Area

With online dating, you can find your perfect match from anywhere around the world. However, with offline dating, you are limited to your social circles.

It Takes Time and Effort

Building your intellectual and emotional connection, which is crucial for further development of your love life, takes time and effort, unlike in online dating.

After learning the pros and cons of both methods of dating, you can choose the one that fits you best. Offline dating depends on your schedule and how busy you are, while online dating is available anytime, anywhere.






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