Do You Want To Live In A Galaxy Far Far Away? The Pros and Cons Of Living on Star Wars Planets!

There are a lot of planets in the Star Wars galaxy, and choosing where to live means weighing them up. Pretty much every planet has its problems, and the key to choosing where to live in a world of Star Wars is understanding the positives and the negatives. From sand problems to lava and ice, not every planet that we’ve seen in the Star Wars canon is worth the risk of relocating there unless you’re on the run from the Empire or avoiding the prying eyes of the Jedi council. So if you’re thinking about where’s worth living in a world of Star Wars, here are the pros and cons that you need to consider.



Pros: There’s lots of work available on Bespin, especially in Cloud City. It’s a calm environment to work in, and there are very few predatory species that call the gas planet home.

Cons: The problem is that most of the work available on Bespin is based on mining, so it can be physically exhausting. There’s also the fact that entertainment is very sparse, and you’ll have to limit yourself to the expensive casinos and hotel bars on nights out. The current owner seems a little unprofessional but very charming.

Rating: 7/10


Pros: A thriving metropolis, you’ll never run out of things to do if you live on Coruscant. If you’re rich enough to afford a top-level home, you will be surrounded by beauty and elegant buildings and might even spot some Jedi celebs.

Cons: Most people won’t be able to afford a top-level home, which is usually reserved for visiting royals or members of the Grand Council. The further down you go into the depths of Coruscant, the worse it gets. The lowest levels are like “descending into Hell” according to Star Wars specialist Matt Hudson in his conversation with Online Casino Betway.

Rating: 6/10



Pros: If you like the idea of living in a cave and you’re good with a pair of skis, then Hoth is the planet for you.

Con: For everyone else, Hoth is one of the worst places in Star Wars to live. It’s home to Wampa’s, which have been known to attack humans and string them up before having a good munch. In addition, it’s extremely cold, and you’ll often have to climb inside a dead Tauntaun occasionally to stay warm.

Rating: 1/10



Pros: Luscious and diverse, Naboo is a planet of high culture and elegance. There are stunning meadows and waterfalls, grand lakes, and a wide range of flora and fauna. It’s got a generally chilled-out vibe unless you’re visiting the well-respected queen.

Cons: Gungans. Trade blockades. Birthplace of the Emperor. Very expensive to live there.

Rating: 10/10



Pros: Great for getting a tan, thanks to its two suns. Property is very cheap, and scavenging is a possible new career choice.

Cons: There is almost nothing but sand and violence on this desert planet. If you can avoid the attention of the gangsters known as the Hutts, the thieving Jawas, and the murdering Tusken Raiders, then you’ll still have to farm for moisture and trade with all of the aforementioned bad neighbors. Also, sand. It gets everywhere, is coarse, and annoying.

Rating: 5/10

There are other planets to consider, like Mustafar (too much lava and Darth Vader will be your neighbor), Dagobah (too swampy and too many dangerous animals), and Kashyyyk (lots of Wookies and extremely dangerous predators the deeper you go into the forest). Our money is on Naboo as the destination of choice, but make sure your savings will keep up with the cost of living there.

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