Quick Guide for Mac OS X Email Clients

Apple is known for its advanced operating system and a wide range of TOP software. Mac Mail is one of such programs that allows users to send and receive emails, and work with multiple accounts. It is well integrated with Apple’s iCloud service and there are a few reasons for users to look for other mailing clients. However, they still exist and may offer such features that Apple’s client does not have. Read about the most interesting alternatives for OS X below.

1)   Microsoft Outlook

Outlook for Mac is an email client developed by Microsoft. Even though it is the most expensive tool in this review, it is not distributed separately, but only as part of the Microsoft Office package. This is a professional mailing client that integrates with corporate networks and email services but is not “friendly” to iCloud and Gmail. Besides, to export Mac Mail to Outlook and its components, you will require additional software.

Quick Guide for Mac OS X Email Clients

2)   Mozilla Thunderbird

This free open source email client has been created by many volunteer programmers. They developed a big number of extra modules and settings that even exceed native Mac Mail and Outlook. However, freedom and flexibility in development have its drawbacks, so Thunderbird looks and works like a product without a single standard.

3)   Postbox

Postbox was developed based on Mozilla’s Gecko browser and Thunderbird email client. It has plenty of interesting add-ons, like MailHops, which allows you to see the sender’s IP address. There is also good integration with external services: Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Calendar, etc. One of the advantages of this client is its constant development, although there are drawbacks associated with a slow-loading address book.

4)   Email Pro for Gmail

This is a very nice Gmail app that lets you work with your messages directly from your desktop. The program uses a mobile version of the Gmail website that can be considered as a specialized browser. Sometimes this tool seems to be a bit slow, but it allows you to use all the features of Gmail.

5)   Edison Mail

Edison Mail is a popular iOS app and is now available for Mac. It looks and works just like an iPad app and performs all the important tasks that its mobile brother does. There is a pleasant interface that uses swipe gestures, Dark Mode support, and Unified Inbox, which allows you to merge your inboxes from most ISPs. Moreover, it automatically blocks email trackers to help protect your privacy.

In Conclusion

All these Mac Mail alternatives have their own followers. If you are in doubt about what option to choose, learn the feedback of users or register several accounts for work and personal usage. Take your time to check its functionality and find out what option better reflects your needs.

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