Manic Monday! Pinky Tries To Make Fetch Happen After Meeting Rachel McAdams! Swoon!

Boo! You whore!

I think I quote Mean Girls on a daily basis. How can you not right?

Pinky was running around and had the best random encounter ever. Rachel McAdams! Woo to the Hoo! How can you not love her? The Vow, Mean Girls, The Notebook… Swoon.

I told Pinky she had to share, especially cause I’m super jealous.

Check out her recap below!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here completely wiped out after Oscar weekend. I was talking to Mikey the other night about today’s column and he requested that I write up my Rachel McAdams encounter. I tried to tell him she wasn’t from the ‘80s, but he said Mean Girls was from the ‘90s (it wasn’t; it was from 2004), so I told him I’d do it (silly boy, Rachel’s first credit on wasn’t even until 2001….but, OK. Whatever you’d like, my friend).


You know, this hobby is funny – sometimes you can have the best weeks and other times nothing seems to go right for you. All I know is that timing is everything. Last month, in my never-ending quest for my “unicorn” that is Steve Carell, I went to a party to see if I could catch him. Although I failed miserably in that quest yet again – missing him arriving by five minutes and then being rejected an hour later in the rain – I did end up being incredibly lucky with Rachel McAdams.

rachel mcadams meme rare

Not long after we arrived to the party, a car pulled up right by where we were standing. It was kinda hard to see into the car with the rain, but someone recognized the person in the backseat to be the lovely Rachel McAdams. Now, I love Rachel from pretty much everything she’s ever been on, but I’d never seen her before.

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As she got out of the car, I quickly asked for a photo, figuring all she could do was say no. To my surprise and delight, she came right over to me and posed! We’d thought she’d go down the line (there were only a few of us there), but after taking the picture with me, she quickly walked into the party. Talk about lucky! I’m not sure why I was the fortunate one that night (at least in terms of Rachel), but I was stoked! Now if only I could be that lucky with Steve….

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