Rachel McAdams Goodness! I Grab My Notebook After Meeting The Spotlight Star Along with Sacha Pfeiffer! Autographs! And More!

It’s a dark and cold night on the mean streets of Beverly Hills. Where the roaches where top coats and the dirt is made of chardonnay. Okay, I might have had a cup of wine before writing this, or I might have wanted a glass of wine.

Scotty and I headed out to try and meet Rachel McAdams who I’ve been a fan of forever. I was lucky enough to meet her earlier this year at a Spotlight screening but I still have a few things for her.

So, instead of going inside to watch the film this time we waited on the outside. Also at the screening was Sacha Pfeiffer who like I mentioned earlier is the real life journalist Rachel McAdams plays in the film.

We were only there for maybe… 20 minutes or so when a car pulled up. There were only five of us and we lined up as the car stopped. Rachel McAdams was the second person in the car, Sacha Pfeiffer was the first.

Rachel McAdams was nice enough to sign one each. I got her on my The Notebook mini poster. It was super fast and she wasn’t particularly chatty but she was nice to sign.

Rachel McAdams Signed Autograph Notebook poster 5

Then we talked with Sacha Pfeiffer for a few minutes thanking her for her work uncovering the scandal. I told her we were at the q and DGA on Monday and we talked for a couple minutes. Scotty and I has Sacha Pfeiffer sign our Spotlight mini posters as well.

Sacha Pfeiffer Signed Autograph Spotlight poster 2

It was a super fast night, and I’m stoked everything worked out!

Until next time kids…

Rachel McAdams Signed Autograph Notebook poster 4

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