Filming Locations! Real Casinos From Films That You Can Actually Visit! 21! Hangover! Ocean’s 11! And More!

Real Casinos From Films That You Can Actually Visit


There have been countless television shows or films that have scenes which take place in casinos. What most people don’t realize is that some of these movies actually use real-life casinos to film in, and you can actually visit them! Take a look at some casinos from movies that you can visit below.


21 (2008) at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Liza Lapira signed autograph signature 21 poster

The 2008 drama film 21 follows a group of students and their professor known as the MIT Blackjack Team as they attempt to use their card-counting skills to win at Blackjack games. The movie was filmed mostly at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas resort and casino which is known for its neon Art-Deco style. The venue is home to some great casino games and was used as the venue for Britney Spears’ critically-acclaimed Piece Of Me Vegas residency show.


Other casinos used for filming in 21 include the Red Rock Casino and the Hard Rock Casino, both of which are also located in Vegas. Sadly, they’re not as impressive as the others on this list but still worth a visit if you enjoy casino games!


After the release of 21, everyone wanted to know whether it’s actually possible to count cards and beat the bank. Long story short; the movie is based on a real story, so yes, Blackjack is, in fact, a beatable game. However, there are two significant drawbacks. First, this technique is considered illegal in most brick-and-mortar casinos, and if caught, you will be banned from the premises for life. Second, counting cards does not work at online casinos or any of their sister sites. Since casinos on the Internet do not reveal when a new deck of cards is being dealt, it’s impossible to keep track of the cards and work out whether a deck is hot or not.


The Hangover (2009) at Caesars Palace

Cast signed autograph hangover dvd cover rare promo bradley cooper justin bartha hot rare auto

The 2009 hit comedy film The Hangover follows friends Phil Wenneck, Stu Price, Alan Garner, and Doug Billings who visit Las Vegas for Doug’s bachelor party. After a long night of partying and several strange events, Doug’s friends wake up the next morning without him and have no recollection of what happened, forcing them to retrace their steps and find the missing groom before his wedding.


The popular film was filmed on location at Caesars Palace, one of the most well-known casinos in all of Vegas for its extravagant decor, and gambling opportunities. Several of the movie’s scenes were filmed at the venue’s front desk, lobby, corridors, elevators, and roof. However, the suit in which the actors stay in and damage in the movie was built on-set for obvious reasons.


Ocean’s Eleven (2001) at The Bellagio


Ocean’s Eleven is arguably one of the most successful gambling-themed movies. It follows George Clooney’s Danny Ocean and Brad Pitt’s Rusty Ryan who form a crew to steal $150 million from a casino owner. The film was so successful it spawned two sequels as well as all-female spin-off Ocean’s 8.


Much of the actual casino action takes place in Las Vegas’ Bellagio hotel and casino. The venue is one of the most famous in Sin City for its gorgeous architecture and for being home to the famous Fountains Of Bellagio. Inside the venue, you’ll also find a conservatory and botanical garden, as well as the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art which will keep you busy for a long time.


These are just some of the real-life casinos that were used for filming popular movies. If you’re a fan of any of these movies why not visit these locations? You’ll be able to feel like you were in the film and enjoy some high-quality entertainment too.

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