Renewals! FOX Says That There Might Be Room For A Wayward Pines Follow Up Series!

At the summer TCA’s this week FOX announced that while Wayward Pines was designed as a stand alone series, there may be room for a follow up.

According to Deadline, Fox’s Dana Walden said:

“M. Night Shyamalan and the author of the the book series (Blake Crouch) just started conversations about it, perhaps it would be another miniseries event… if the author can lay in the future book series.”

Wayward Pines finale

The original Wayward Pines mini or limited series, whatever you want to call it, covered all the previously published books, so if there was another series event, it would have to follow an original storyline or based on a new book.

There’s no word if the original cast of Wayward Pines have contracts for another mini series event or not.


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