Revenge: The Complete Third Season DVD Review! Emily VanCamp Is Back With More Schemes Than Ever Before!

There’s nothing quite like some good old fashioned Revenge is there? I mean lets be honest, when you’re looking for intrigue, blackmail, and good soapy fun, there’s really only one show on television right now that delivers the goods.

Emily VanCamp returns as vengeful Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke for Revenge The Complete Third Season out now on DVD. This season there’s more plotting and madness in The Hampton’s, to say the least.

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The third season starts out with a bang… Quite literally. The first episode open’s on Emily’s wedding day. She is walking down the aisle with Daniel (Josh Bowman) and is pursuing more ways to take down the Graysons. Put who is the one behind the gun? The person who put a bullet in Emily Thorne? The events of the summer unfold over time as we learn the truth.


The Grayson’s are having a wild ride as well. Victoria (a delicious Madeleine Stowe) has someone new to play with when a former love interest of Daniel’s heads to town.

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If you’re a fan of Revenge already then you know what fun the series is. If you haven’t seen the series, I highly recommend picking up season one and starting from the beginning.


Emily VanCamp is still awesome as the girl next door in sheep’s clothing but I love me some Madeline Stowe. She has a way with a one liner that can’t be topped. She nails the part of Victoria. Also good is Christa B. Allen as Charlotte as the “good Grayson” who is often at odds with her mother Victoria. She brings a sweetness to the role that others might overlook.


Highlights of Revenge: The Compete Third Season’s 22 episodes are:

Fear – The third season opener features Emily plotting a new timeline for her plans and her wedding day which ends a little bloody. Victoria is reunited with her long lost son with throws a wrinkle into the Grayson family.

Mercy – Emily tries to figure out what happened with her plan and what went wrong. Emily finds an unexpected ally and Victoria looks to the future.


Homecoming – All the Grayson’s gather together after what happened at Emily’s wedding to Daniel. Emily’s friends and enemies alike get together to try and piece together what happened.

Allegiance – Victoria sets a trap for Emily and believes that she will be able to catch her. Emily in the meantime figures out the identity of one of her father’s top conspirators.

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Hatred – Emily and Daniel’s tensions begin to escalate. Their relationship is at risk and Emily refuses to back down to Daniel. She becomes unstable and this makes her vulnerable.

Execution – The Third season finale. Emily and Victoria go at each other and wage war.

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Special features on this set include:

Table For Five – Josh Bowman, Nick Weschler, Barry Sloane, Gabriel Mann and Henry Czerny head down to the Stowaway for some rest and time off. They talk about their place in the series, rivalries and more. This is by far the best special feature on the set. It’s a lot of fun to see the actors just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.


There is also a fun blooper reel (I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for a good blooper reel), deleted scenes and some audio commentaries.

Overall, while I would highly recommend starting at the beginning if you plan on diving into the world of Revenge, season 3 definitely brings more over the top fun to The Hampton’s. I highly suggest taking a crack at this season and the series in general.

Revenge: The Complete Third Season is out now on DVD!

revenge the complete third season dvd

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