Riddick Movie Premiere Report! With Vin Diesel! Tricia Helfer! Gal Gatot! Nolan Gerard Funk! Bokeem Woodbine!

With the lack of things happening in Los Angeles, there’s been sort of a draught here. Blech… Combine that with the heat and you have a bunch of unhappy fanboys.

Billy Beer headed out to the world premiere of Riddick. The third part in the Pitch Black series starring Vin Diesel. I actually was going to head down myself but at the last minute couldn’t. I’m curious about this movie. I liked Pitch Black but the Chronicles of Riddick I couldn’t sit through, so I’m hopping with the shorter title will come a better film!

Check out Billy’s full recap below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. Well, one thing all this 
fanboying has done is take away from one of my other loves, which is 
going to baseball games. Well today, I decide to do both. If I’m going 
to be sitting in 100 degree weather, I’d rather watch my Tigers or 
Cubs play, then listen to people bitch about Ben being Batman for 4-5 
hours. Then when the sun goes down, I’ll run over and see how Vin 
Diesel is doing at his Riddick Premiere.

the cubs playing baseball rare billy beer

I won’t bore you with the details of the baseball game (maybe cause my 
Cubbies lost to the Dodgers) You can read the sports sections for 
those details. I did get a few autographs from some of the players 
including Travis Wood from the Cubs,

Travis Wood from the Cubs posing for a fan photo with Billy Beer

and Adrian Gonzalez from the Dodgers.

adrian gonzalez from the dodgers Travis Wood from the Cubs posing for a fan photo with Billy Beer

  I also got a picture with one of the greatest woman’s basketball 
players Candice Parker.

woman's basketball   players Candice Parker signing autographs for fans

Off the the Premiere. When I get there I was hoping to have a spot 
saved, since almost every article you’ve read with me in it lately 
refers to the fact I might have been nice enough to hold other people 
spots. Luckily, when you’re respectful to some people, they are 
respectful back. A couple of friends were nice enough to squeeze in a 
little closer and fit me in. For that I say thank you people who know 
who you are.

I really don’t have a lot of things to get signed today. It’s 
basically leftovers from the Vin Diesel Star. I’ve got a Vin and 
Michelle combo shot that I got Michelle on and still need Vin, a 
Riddick 8 x 10 movie poster, and a picture of me and Jon Voight. I 
bring my folder of extra 8 x 10’s too just in case someone else shows 

The first person to arrive is Bianca Lawson. I guess she’s from Teen 
Wolf. I don’t have anything for her, so I just get a picture.

Bianca Lawson signing autographs for fans at the riddick movie premiere

Next to arrive is Cake Boss Duff Goldman.

Cake Boss Duff Goldman signing autographs for fans riddick movie premiere

Followed by Alexandra Paul….WOW the big stars are all here!!!

alexandra paul riddick movie premiere red carpet rare promo

The Director David Twohy arrives. After a slight wait for him to hug 
everyone, he comes right over. He’s super nice, it just takes a while 
for him to get over to us cause he’s signing and taking pictures with 
everyone. He seems extremely happy to be getting all the love from the 

David Twohy signing autographs for fans riddick movie premiere

After he passes my jaw drops to the ground. Let’s just say the tape we 
used to hold down our pictures was not the only use for tape today. 
Tricia Helfer found another way to use tape. Ummmm, trying not to 
sound like a 6th grader, but BOOBS!!!

Tricia Helfer looking hot at the riddick movie premiere

Of course I try and take a picture with her, and of course FAIL! 
(there is either a picture here, or Mike is going to add it to my 
collection of Photo Fails)

Bokeem Woodbine is next and comes right over to us. He signs away!

Bokeem Woodbine signing autographs for fans riddick movie premiere rare

Jordi Molla is next to arrive. He starts on the other side and is 
taking forever. I’m hoping they don’t stop him, but he finally makes 
his way to us. He starts off by signing my board…….um, would you 
mind signing the picture? Thanks. 🙂

Jordi Molla signing autographs for fans riddick movie premiere

We’re running out of cast members. Nolan Gerard Funk is next to 
arrive. He follows suit and comes over and signs.

Nolan Gerard Funk signing autographs for fans riddick movie premiere rare

Finally the big man arrives. It takes him a minute to get out of the 
car, but once he does, it gets crazy! It’s Vin-sanity! It’s a wave of 
people as he goes down the line. It almost looks like he’s going to 
skip my section when he reaches out and grabs my photo.

Vin Diesel signing autographs for fans riddick movie premiere signed rare

He even noticed that Michelle had signed it and signed it in the light area. 
Kinda surprising for how fast he’s moving. I stick out my movie 
poster. He even grabbed it, but for some reason he didn’t sign it. Now 
I could have moved and easily gotten him on it, but I really am not to 
worried about it. Vin works the whole line.

Vin Diesel signing autographs for fans riddick movie premiere signed rare

While Vin is still going crazy, Gal Gatot from the Fast movies shows 
up. She comes over to our spots and signs a few pictures. My dumb ass 
forgot I had pictures in my folder. Oh well, I still get a picture 
with her that I didn’t get at the Fast 6 Premiere.

Gal Gatot fan photo signing autographs for fans rare fast and furious star

Katie Sackhoff ends up showing up way late. She apologizes to the 
crowd and says she’ll do it after.

Well all-in-all, for the amount of time I put into this Premiere, I 
would say it went just fine. A few surprises, and I got what I wanted 
signed. And I got home in time to see last call. YAY ME!

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