Ridley Scott talks about the new Alien Prequel and announces….

Prometheus alien pregual sigourney weaver rare one sheet movie poster ridley scott

Sigh, I have sad news. If you were like me you were stoked that director Ridley Scott was prepping a new Alien prequel. This one would take place before Ripley, before the Nostromo, before Joss Whedon’s script for Alien Resurrection would be butchered beyond recognition… Well, Mr. Ridley Scott just tweeted that the Alien prequels would be….

A whole new set of films without the Alien moniker. Sigh… These new films are going to star Noomi Rapace from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sigh… This new saga is called Prometheus and while I will undoubtedly be excited once they get going, for now I need to morn the loss of an Alien reboot. Helping to heal my wounds is talk that Angelina Jolie is interested in joining the cast which is always good news. Still, there will always be a large part of me eager to see Sigourney Weaver fight the Alien creature one last time. Even without Ripley the new Alien films would have been kick ass. Ah well… I’m still holding out hope one day they will come to pass!

Prometheus alien prequal ridley scott james cameron aliens sigourney weaver

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