It’s so sad when someone passes away, but doubly sad when they leave us so soon. 

I was a huge True Blood fan and over the years I visited the filming locations, and met most of the cast. One time I ended up meeting Nelsan Ellis at an estate sale I was helping out with. I didn’t recognize him at first and we chatted about this centerpiece box that as on display. He told me a story about going to a friend of a friend’s house and they had one that was inlaid with gold. 

We laughed and I told him to come back and buy this one. After he left someone ran up to me and was like, “Isn’t that the guy from True Blood?” I was like… “Dammit I didn’t realize it.” Sometimes stories like that are actually more fun. 

Pinky was a huge fan of True Blood and met Nelsan several times. Check out her tribute below!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here completely heartbroken over the sudden loss of the incredibly talented Nelsan Ellis at the age of only 39 this past weekend.

Nelsan Ellis RIP Memorial Meeting fans 3

As a “Trubie” (the term used for fans of the TV series True Blood), I first became aware of Nelsan after watching him light up the screen as Lafayette Reynolds, a cross dressing short order cook who worked at Merlotte’s. I always loved Lafayette’s character and felt Nelsan stole practically every scene he was in.

Nelsan Ellis RIP Memorial Meeting fans 3

He brought Lafayette to life in a way that was special and unique. Although I’d met the cast several times over the years, I only saw Nelsan a few times and both were at different season premieres of the show. For some reason, my camera had a hard time snapping pictures of him. The first time was blurry and the second time my camera wouldn’t work at all.

Nelsan Ellis RIP Memorial Meeting fans 1Nelsan Ellis RIP Memorial Meeting fans 1

The pictures I’m left with aren’t perfect, but the other ones were way worse. Nelsan was very kind and patient with me when all these picture attempts were being made. He came across as a bit quiet, shy, reserved even – the complete opposite of Lafayette. From the statement made by his family after his death, he was dealing with challenges that ultimately ended his life. We will miss you, beautiful soul. Thank you for the entertainment. Keep sparkling, Lafayette.