RIP! Remembering Everybody Loves Raymond Star Doris Roberts! The Iconic Comedy Actress Passed Away Yesterday!

Doris Roberts has been all over the film and television screens for decades. Christmas Vacation is one of my favorites and she was in all 72 episodes of Remington Steele!

However probably her most iconic role was in Everybody Loves Raymond. She was so good in that show.

Pinky was able to meet Doris a couple times and did a wonderful recap below.

Doris Roberts passed away yesterday at the age of 90. Doris was a truly talented actress who stole every scene she was in.


I loved watching her on Everybody Loves Raymond as the meddling mother-in-law who lived across the street.


She never ceased to make me laugh and I’m grateful for the countless hours of entertainment she provided to fans the world over. R.I.P. Doris. You will be missed.

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