RIP Wes Craven! The Legendary Horror Director Passed Away Today From Brain Cancer! You Will Be Missed!

Man, I have to tell you… I was out and about today with Ace when I heard the news that legendary horror director Wes Craven passed away.

He was 76 years old and passed away from brain cancer.

scream cast signed mini poster courteney cox liev schrieber

Wes Craven was the man behind the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Scream, and so many others. I have been a fan of his for so long. If you think about it, Wes Craven reinvented horror films. He introduced the world to Freddy Kruger, I mean the man is a legend. Pure and simple.

As James would say, I’m just gutted right now.

I was only able to meet Wes Craven once in all my years and I’m telling you, he was so kind. He made sure everyone was happy, he signed, took pictures, etc…

Wes craven signed autograph rare scream 4 scream four mini poster nightmare on elm street new nightmare my soul to take red eye horror director

Wes Craven was active on Twitter and gave away signed items to fans all the time.

In fact, for you TTM collector’s Wes Craven signed all the time for people who sent in photos and memorabilia. That’s how cool he was.

wes craven scream 4 director scream four signed autograph rare promo poster mini nightmare on elm street rare red eye mini poster

I’m so sorry to hear that he passed away

RIP Wes Craven you will be missed, but your work will live forever.

wes craven nightmare on elm street mike sametz scream four rare signed autograph fan photo new nightmare

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