Robert Pattinson in the May 2011 Issue of Elle UK Admits to Dating Kristen Stewart! And Millions of Twihards Cry Out In Sadness!

robert pattinson hot sexy edwards twilight rare skin vampire water for elephants eclipse new moon remember me hot scruffAh, Robert Pattinson! That name alone brings either cries of joy or eye rolls. You know, I have nothing against the guy, I’m not on Either Team Jacob or Team Edward, I’m on Team I Don’t Care. LOL… But I do think that Water For Elephants looks awesome, even though I haven’t seen it yet.

Anyway, Mr. Robert Pattinson actually admits to dating Kristen Stewart in the new issue of Elle UK! It’s okay kids, there will be another heart throb right around the corner to fill his void…

Check out some of Rob Pattinsons photo shoot below!
robert pattinson hot sexy black and white photo shoot elle uk may 2011 rare vampire hot muscle arms shirtless damn fine

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