Ryan Reynolds Gives Kermit a Run for His Money With These New Promo Shots of the Green Lantern Suit!

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Here I was getting more and more hopeful for Green Lantern… and then… These shots of Mr. Ryan Reynolds come out. Now, at first glance I’m like… Hmmm It looks like Ryan doesn’t drink water and has green muscles. Then I look closer… The feet! Is he running around barefoot trying to save the world! I mean what if he stubs his toe? I can see the headlines now…

“Green Lantern ALMOST saved the world, but then he tripped over a pebble and broke his hip.”

Sigh… That and his feet look webbed. He’s green and has webbed feet. hmmmmmmmm My mind is working… and yep, Kermit the Frog saves the day.

Still, I’m going to see it, because I liked the footage leaked from Wondercon. Sigh…

Check out the rest of the photos below.
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green lantern suit close up ryan reynolds rare muscle hot sexy fine the proposal movie dc comics two girls and a guy damn fine

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