Sam Worthington! Suddenly Susan Meets The Avatar Star At A Q And A For His Miniseries Deadline Gallipoli!

Avatar was one of the biggest films ever, I think in fact according to the box office, it WAS the biggest film ever. Suddenly Susan loves her Aussies and was lucky enough to meet one of the stars, Mr. Sam Worthington!

She headed out to a q and a for his new miniseries Deadline Gallipoli along with The Scott-Files.

Sam was super cool and the q and a was great!

Check out Suddenly Susan’s recap below!

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I was lucky enough to attend a screening for the Australian miniseries Deadline Gallipoli starring and produced by Sam Worthington.

Sam Worthington q and a australians in film 5

Sam Worthington q and a australians in film 5

My friend Scott met up with me, arriving just a few minutes late. In the darkness of the theatre I was able to point out Sam sitting right in front of us! I was one fan girl who showed amazing restraint.

Sam Worthington q and a australians in film 5

Afterwards, Sam was quickly crowded by people wanting to congratulate him. He was cordial with everyone, but knowing he has a two week old newborn with wife Lara Bingle, I figured he wanted to get home. I overheard him say he wasn’t going to attend the reception as he “had to get home to the kid”.

Before he darted out I asked if I could get a quick photo and mentioned a few of his older indies movies of which I was a big fan. He thanked me and said that was “very kind”.

Sam Worthington q and a australians in film 5

Then Scott asked for a quick pic and he said, “of course buddy”. Though he looks annoyed, I can attest that he was super sweet and nice enough to pose with us. I had a Terminator Salvation poster with me and I’m sure he would have signed it, but I knew he wanted to get home and did not want to take advantage of his kindness. I thought it was super sweet of him to take his glasses of for our photo op too.

Sam Worthington q and a australians in film 5

I’ve been a fan of his since before Avatar and before anyone knew his name. Glad to see he lived up to being a down to earth, cool guy.

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