San Diego Comic Con Parking Will Now Be On A Lottery Based System! Register Now If You Plan To Park At SDCC!


Now, parking at San Diego Comic Con is going to a lottery based system?

So, you have to fight for a ticket, fight for a hotel, and now fight to park?

A woman trying to back her car out of a parking spot at a q and a for the impossible with Ewan McGregor

For those of you wanting to head to Comic Con and have your tickets, here’s the scoop on the parking situation.

In order to participate in the parking lottery you have to email (one entry per e-mail address) and make sure to do so by April 12. Then a random drawing will take place and the “winners” will be contacted on how to purchase the permit they were drawn for.

Got all that… Whew…

This is the breakdown of how the parking will break down.

Convention Center
Hilton Garage
Petco Lots (excluding Campus lot which will be closed for construction during Comic-Con)
Padres Parkade
Diamond View Tower
Horton Plaza
Gaslamp City Square

san diego comic con sdcc 2014 long logo

Check out all the info on the Ace parking website.

Brace yourselves kids… It’s going to be a bumpy flight.

Bill Beer at san diego comic con sdcc 2013 rare

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