Jekyll Or Hyde! Meeting Ms. Sandra Bullock For The First Time! A Rejection And Then A Success! Autographs! The Net Goodness!

When thinking of a subject for today’s Jekyll Or Hyde, I thought to myself… Hmmmm do I want to talk about this one time… and then I said… Yes, yes I do.

I saw an ad for The Heat and it reminded me of this time with Ms. Sandra Bullock. Now, I love Sandra Bullock, I saw In Love and War

In love and war movie poster sandra bullock

as well as Two If By Sea

two if by sea movie poster sandra bullock poster movie

in the theaters… Yeah… I went to Speed 2: Cruise Control and paid full price.


When I made a shortlist of the people I would die to meet, Sandra Bullock was always at the top of that list. In fact, on my second ever visit to Los Angeles I saw a bus shelter poster for The Net and had to get a photo in front of it so I could say I got a picture with Sandra Bullock in Los Angeles.


Now, when I had the opportunity to meet her… Sigh… Fail, after fail… Seriously… Scowls… It wasn’t even comedy. The sad thing is, that this is the Jekyll Or Hyde column but this, looking back on it wasn’t even a good encounter.

However, I’m calling it a win because, I was so new and I got her to sign my The Net mini UK Quad poster.

My friend Karen, who is awesome I might add, was one of my Fanboy pals before there was a website, column or Fanboy Family. And we both love Sandra Bullock. LOVE HER!

She had a magazine, and I had a The Net poster like I said. We waited after a talk show taping and barely got a wave. I was honestly crushed. CRUSHED. The woman I crushed on for years, like just brushed me off. I was new to this stuff so I took it personal.

sandra bullock exhausted photo shoot rare promo hot the blind side

Then one of the security guys took pity on us… Watching a 6’4 guy holding a mini poster and almost bursting into tears can tug at people sometimes.

The security said, “You know… She’s taping across the way and there’s no security there. Just hang out and wait for her to leave.” Karen and I looked at each other and were like… Uhhhh… Why not?

So we headed over and hung out. There was NO ONE around, it was like a ghost town. It was a little ominous. I mean this is supposed to be a bustling studio and it was empty.
Thank God for K-Dawg cause there was no way I would stay if it was just me. No way.

Then… We saw movement and out came Sandra with a few other people. We walked over and waited by the edge. Sandra was saying her goodbyes and then looked at us. I swear she glared at us and it was like… “Ugh…”

Sandra bullock the net promo press still mean glare

Finally, she was about to get in the car and said, “Okay, okay, okay… Fine.”

Sandra bullock the net promo press still mean glare

She comes over and I asked her to sign the poster to Mike and I swear it was so fast. So fast. I couldn’t even say anything, or even try to get a pic.

sandra bullock signed autograph signature the net mini poster uk quad movie poster promo mini poster hot

She signed Karen’s magazine and jumped in the car.

sandra bullock signed autograph signature the net mini poster uk quad movie poster promo mini poster hot

Now, I’m calling this a good encounter because I was so happy. I’m sure there was jumping involved. I know hugs were prevalent. And yes, this happened as Sandra Bullock in her tinted window car watched. Because the car stopped and watched us trip balls… I’m sure she had to laugh.

As her car left Sandra then stopped at outside the gate for the four people waiting. I had to think that she only did that because we freaked out so much. It may not be, but I’ve never seen her do it since, so… I’m taking it as mine. LOL…

sandra bullock signed autograph signature the net mini poster uk quad movie poster promo mini poster hot

So, on this day, for a new fanboy, Ms. Sandra Bullock is Mr. Hyde!

For being kind, Sandra Bullock gets the Happy Theo Award!

cute adorable french bulldog named Theo badge the happy theo badge rare promo brown hair french bulldog

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