Schitt’s Creek Pop Up Set Visit! Getting To Spend The Afternoon With One Of My Favorite Shows Of All Time! “Ew, David!”

I have to tell you, I found this little show no one has heard about… Okay, that was me like five years ago.

Schitt’s Creek has blown up in the years since and I’m happy… and sad. I loved that it was the series I was championing to all my friends. Now, it’s like a cultural phenomena.

The one good thing is that when things become more popular, they do more stuff to promote them and I was so excited that POP TV! did a Pop-Up… See what I did there? For Schitt’s Creek’s final season, POP TV put up the sets and did an awesome event.

Courtney and I headed over and took a bunch of photos. It was super fun!

I can’t wait for the series to come back this Jan!

Check out the photos below!

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