SDCC 2014 Exclusives! Mezco Sons Of Anarchy Jax Teller! NECA Predator! And More!

SDCC Madness is just starting!

I love some of the exclusives because they rock! One of the best collector’s stores out there is Mezco! They have some great licenses and have released a few that will be out at the con.

One, I have to have is the Sons of Anarchy Jax prison varient

sons of anarchy jax teller sdcc prison varient

Jax stands six inches tall in his state-issued orange prison jumpsuit.
Episode accurate, Jax looks as though he walked out of the television and into your collection.

sons of anarchy jax teller sdcc prison varient

Jax comes packaged in a collector-friendly blister package.
No rules, No masters!

It looks pretty bad ass!

They also have rebel frankenstein which looks pretty damn awesome as well!

mezco rebel frankenstein

Assembled on the wrong side of the lab, this Frankenstein has attitude! He stands a monstrous 9” tall and features a sleeveless leather vest with his insignia, a real metal wallet chain on his belt, and a tattoo on his bicep. 

mezco rebel frankenstein

This limited edition monster is cast in a mysteriously translucent green plastic and features ten points of articulation.

NECA released it’s final exclusive and it’s bad ass!

‘Fire and Stone’ Ahab Predator Action Figure: As seen in the Dark Horse Comics series Fire and Stone, beginning October 2014! In his prime, Ahab took deadly trophies from countless worlds, his scars a proud record of glorious battle. Now an elder of his tribe, he leaves small game to the next generation as he looks to his final hunt. Following a lifelong obsession, Ahab searches for a creature more formidable than any Predator has ever faced before.

neca-alien predator

They also have the Marvel and DC Scalers

neca sdcc scalers

The Marvel SDCC Scalers 2-Pack includes Silver Centurion Iron Man and “Marvels” Spider-Man. Premiered in issue #200 of Iron Man, the Silver Centurion armor marked Tony Stark’s big comeback as Iron Man (a position which Rhodey had been filling while Tony was mainly drunk). Spider-Man’s black and red suit appeared in the 1994 Marvels mini-series written by Kurt Busiek with illustrations by Alex Ross.

The DC Comics SDCC Scalers 2-Pack includes black and white versions of the comic series Batman and his arch-nemesis, the Joker. These collectible, 2″ mini figures grip headphone cords, cables and more, and feature an amazing level of detail!

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