SDCC 2024 Roundup! Hallmark Exclusive Ornaments! Star Trek! Star Wars! And More!

It’s almost July, and with that you can almost smell the wafting axe body spray and unshowered masses about to descend on San Diego for Comic Con.

One booth, Hallmark, always has great ornaments as their exclusives and this year, I need to get the Star Trek Enterprise B ship! That’s a given!

They also have some Star Wars Exclusives, Pokemon and more!

Check it out below!


Star Wars: Sand People™ Vintage Figure Keepsake Ornament – $25 (Booth #3348)

Featuring iconic vintage styling, this exclusive Keepsake Ornament commemorates one of the first 12 Star Wars action figures released in stores in 1978. Only 3,500 Ornaments Produced!

SEGA Genesis Gold Console Keepsake Ornament – $35 (Booth #3348)

With sounds from the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game as well as light, this exclusive is a metallic gold version of the 2022 Keepsake Ornament of the SEGA Genesis console. Only 3,200 Produced!

“Red Light, Green Light” Squid Game FUNKO Pop!® Keepsake Ornament Set – $35 (Booth #3348)

Two-pack ornament set styled after FUNKO Pop® collectible figures depicts the oversized and deadly motion-sensing animatronic doll Young-hee and a miniature ornament of Seong Gi-hun, who competed in the 33rd Squid Game as Player 456. Only 3,000 Produced!

Star Trek Generations™ S.S. EnterpriseNCC-1701-B (Nexus Damage) Keepsake Ornament – $35 (Booth #3348)

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Star Trek Generations feature film, this lighted event-exclusive Keepsake Ornament depicts damage sustained by the U.S.S. Enterprise-B while encountering the Nexus ribbon. Only 3,200 Produced!

Wolverine Unmasked Marvel Studios X-Men ’97 Keepsake Ornament – $25 (Booth #3348)

Features the unmasked mutant with Adamantium claws donning his signature yellow suit as seen in the Disney+ original animated series “X-Men ’97.” Only 3,200 Ornaments Produced!

Pokémon Premier Ball Hallmark Ornament – $15

This metal ornament depicts the distinctive Poké Ball given to Pokémon Trainers as a bonus from the Poké Mart. Only 1500 Produced!

There will also be two event exclusive pins:

Rainbow Brite PXL8® Pin – $10 (Booth #3348)

This event-exclusive enamel pin celebrates the 40th anniversary of Hallmark’s own Rainbow Brite in a distinctive 8-bit styling. Only 500 I Produced!

Marvel Studios X-Men ’97 WolverinePXL8® Enamel Pin – $10 (Booth #3348)

Show your love for the animated version of Wolverine with this event-exclusive enamel pin in a distinctive 8-bit styling. 500 Produced for San Diego Comic-Con Only.

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