Did You Survive Hotel-Apocalypse? SDCC’s Own Answer To The Hunger Games…

Welcome to Hotel-Apocalypse!

Yep, the dreaded day when you have to fight for your hotel room at SDCC.

SDCC Hotel Apocalypse 0002

Not to be confused with the times you have to fight for your tickets, fight for parking, fight for your place in line… That’s a lot of fighting.

Regardless, our forms are in and we will see what we can do. Out of everyone who helped me this morning, out of our group 9:06 a.m. was the earliest time so we shall see. I myself didn’t see the green man move much but I was in around 9:10 a.m.

SDCC Hotel Apocalypse 0002

I’m not sure if that’s good or not, but hey… It’s in and done.

The funny thing is, that without the waiting room, I generally did really well. Last year… I got a rock.

SDCC Hotel Apocalypse 0002

How did you do? Did you survive SDCC’s Hotel-Apocalypse?

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