Showtime Reveals Promo Art For Kristen Bell’s Return To Television! House Of Lies! And Shameless Season 2 With William H. Macy!

Now, most of you know how much I love me some Kristen Bell… I mean hello! Veronica Mars was an amazing show and I still miss it… Sigh… So, I’m happy to report that Ms. Bell is back with a new series on Showtime! Personally, I think that the small screen is where she belongs! I liked You Again, and thought she was great in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but since then… Everything else was kinda flat… Don’t even get me started on When in Rome…

The new promo poster for this Kristen Bell series, called House of Lies has just been released… and Ms. Kristen Bell looks AMAZING! Drool… Also starring in the series are Don Cheadle, Ben Schwartz, Josh Lawson, Dawn Olivieri and Glynn Turman. It’s about management consulting firms and blah blah blah… Did I mention Kristen Bell?

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Also, Showtime has released the key art for Shameless season 2! I know one giant William H. Macy fan who is going to be very happy. LOL… I like Shameless and this poster is pretty rockin!

Did I mention Kristen Bell? I did… Oh… Okay… Sigh…
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