Showtime’s Dexter Season 6 Promo Poster Contest! Michael C. Hall Bloody Angel Goodness!

What! What kind of craziness is this you might ask? Rare, Dexter season 6 one sheet posters.. To giveaway? Say wha! I know, that’s just the kind of Fanboys we are here at

As any reader of Mikethefanboy knows, I am a diehard Dexter fan, and honestly who wouldn’t be? Michael C. Hall is awesome as the serial killer with a… well… I would say conscious… but… let’s be honest, he enjoys the killing! HEH HEH HEH…

Every season of Dexter has been amazing, and I’m loving the new season 6 poster art. Sigh… Bloody angel wings the perfect thing for the home or office…

Well, the fine folks over at Showtime have sent me a poster or two to give away to you guys… I know, totally awesome right? These posters are 27×46 inches and look awesome (there is a little damage from the shipping on one end, but nothing major)!

Dexter season  rare promo poster michael c hall with bloody angel wings rare promo hot sexy dexter lauren velez

Do you want to win? Of course you do… Here’s how…

1. leave a comment on this post below telling me your favorite thing about Dexter. It could be a character, quote, episode, anything…

2. leave that same comment on the Mike The Fanboy Facebook page here… Where? Here…

And that’s it! you are entered! Wait… you want another chance to win? okay…

3. If you want another entry make sure and follow Mike The Fanboy on twitter here… Where HERE! Leave a comment here on this post below with your Twitter name so I know to give you credit for an extra entry.

All winners are chosen by and the contest will close on the Dexter season 6 premiere date which is Sunday October 2nd!

Good Luck!

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