Showtime’s New Dexter Season 6 Promo Poster! Michael C. Hall and Bloody Angel Goodness!

Can I tell you how excited I am for Dexter season 6? Can I? I don’t understand how the creators and producers keep making such amazing television. Season 4 with John Lithgow was amazing and then season 5 was completely different but equally awesome!

And now, this new promo poster… Dude, it’s rockin’! I love the blood angel wings! LOVE IT! Michael C. Hall just looks like a devious madman! Sigh… Good times… Dexter season 6 can not come fast enough!

Check out the Dexter season 6 promo poster below…dexter rare bloody angel showtime dexter season 6 promo poster michael c hall angel rare hot showtime promo dexter promo poster

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  1. Anushika August 12, 2011
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