Signings and Cons! Animation Toon Con! California! April 25th! Jim Cummings! Bill Farmer! Pat Fraley! And More!

Who loves animation?

If you do, this event is perfect for you!


Growing up, I would wake up early on a saturday to catch the morning cartoons…. While that may not exist in our lives any longer, our younger selves can go out and meet one of them….

Jim Cumming – Voice of Pooh Bear and Tigger

Jim Cummings

Alan Oppenheimer – Voice of Skeletor

Alan Oppenheimer

Gabriel Damon- Voice of Littlefoot

Bill Farmer- Voice of Goofy

Bill Farmer

Pat Fraley – Voice of Krang, Casey Jones, Bravestarr and more!

Pat Fraley

This is Pat Fraley’s first convention from what I have seen! There is others like Josh Keaton, Greg Eagles, and more! Check it out!

The Con Facebook Page is Memory Lane Animation. For more information and additions!

Also, for anyone who won’t make the convention, Pat Fraley and his representation is allowing pre-orders and items to be sent in to be signed during the con. This ONLY applies to Pat Fraley however.

Pat Fraley Pre-Order Items Available at this website:

If you want to send your own items in for Pat Fraley, email them for info and pricing: CustomerService @

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