Sophie Turner Uses a Juul in Public during the New York Rangers Game

The vaping habit of Sophie Turner, the Game of Thrones star, is no longer a secret. This is after she was spotted using her Juul at the New York Rangers game. On realizing that some cameras were focused on her, she chugged a red wine glass without blinking an eye. This drove the crowd crazy.

But, what most people considered relevant is the fact that she was spotted with a Juul in her hand. In the Game of Thrones, Turner plays the Sansa Stark role. She is now one of the celebrities that have joined the vaping bandwagon over recent years.

Other celebrities whose vaping habit is no longer a secret include Drake, Shia LaBeouf, and Leonardo DiCaprio. These have also been spotted with best e-nail and other vaping products. But, what effects will celebrity vaping have on their fans?

More Celebrities are Being Spotted Vaping Despite the Reports of EVALI

Vaping devices like Juul became quite essential in 2018, just like fanny packs and dad sneakers to some young-Hollywood stars. Sophie Turner, Bella Hadid, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, and Kate Moss are some of the favorite celebrities that have been spotted carrying Juuls. However, the fall of 2019 was expected to mark the death of this trend.

This was after vaping was linked to a mysterious and deadly lung illness called EVALI. By November of 2019, 2051 cases of this illness had been reported with 39 deaths in the United States. But, this illness appeared to occur in the United States with other parts of the world reporting no or few cases.

The investigations that followed revealed that this illness was linked to vaping products that contained THC and vitamin E acetate. THC is the main active ingredient in some e-liquids, while vitamin E acetate is used as a condensing agent in some vaping products.

But, EVALI did not stop celebrities from vaping. So far, Juul appears to be one of the most popular brands for celebrity vapers.

Why are Celebrities using Juul?

The current market has many e nail types and brands for vapers to choose from. But, Juul is currently the most popular e-cigarettes brand. This can be attributed to several factors. For instance, Juul has a trendy nature with a futuristic look. It is sleek and stylish.

However, it’s also not regulated, just like other vaping devices. Nevertheless, Juul’s advanced technology and the increased public exposure by celebrities like Sophie Turner make it look more appealing to users.

For instance, Sophie Turner posted her photo showing off her vaping habit using a Juul and dressed in the Sansa Stark character. That was when the world was trying to process the series finales that were among the worst-rated in TV history. Sophie is seen taking a strong puff off the Juul while seated next to smiling Bran and shade-wearing Arya.

This shows that Sophie hid her Juul throughout the filming process. Only her coffee cup and water bottle were visible to the viewers.


Why More Celebrities Vaping?

Many people have seen a photo or video of their favorite celebrity with a wax rig or any other vaping device. This begs the question, why are more celebrities turning to vape? Well, celebrities have varied reasons to vape. Major among them include the following:

  • Health benefits- The most obvious reason a celebrity may opt to vape is that it is a healthier alternative to the traditional cigarette. Some experts have argued that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than conventional smoking. As such, celebrities that still want to get a smoking fix without inhaling smoke may opt to vape.
  • Maintaining a career- Some celebrities think that vaping is a great way to maintain a career. For instance, Katy Perry, a musician, opts to vape to preserve her career. Smoking traditional cigarettes can make a musician’s voice scratch, rough, and raspy. It can also cause breathiness and decrease the singing range. What’s more, it can reduce pitch, accuracy, and weaken the voice.
  • Vaping doesn’t smell- When a celebrity uses the best enail, they don’t have to worry about tobacco smoke. Some of the vaping products come with natural ingredients like vegetable glycerin and natural fruits. Thus, a celebrity doesn’t have to worry about smelling fresh or spraying perfume to hide their cigarette smell. Vaping doesn’t have a nasty smell and, therefore, suitable for most celebrities.
  • It’s cheaper- This may not affect celebrities, but some famous people are frugal when it comes to money. Traditional cigarette smoking is expensive because their prices have been increasing over the years. On the other hand, vaping is cheaper. It allows vapor to get their daily fix without spending money for several days.
  • Sophistication- Using a stylish electric dab nail is glamorous. It makes a celebrity look sophisticated. This is important for celebrities because they care about their portrayal in the world and public appearances.

In addition to these reasons, some celebrities are paid to endorse vaping products. For instance, some celebrities are endorsing brands of e-cigarettes on Instagram. Research has shown that celebrity-endorsed e-cigarette advertisements affect the attitudes of young adults towards smoking intentions and e-cigarettes.

For instance, Sophie Turner is in her 20s and already vaping in public. She has even expressed her love for a vape pen. It’s even a permanent fixture for her now that she always carries it in her hand. Sophie is inarguably a vape life embodiment.

The Bottom Line

Sophie Turner is one of the many young celebrities that have expressed their love for vape. She is never afraid of vaping in public. Her Juul is glued to her hand, literary. Just like other celebrities, she has her reasons for vaping. Nevertheless, her appearance in people with a vaping device will undoubtedly influence the attitudes of her fans or young people towards smoking intentions and the use of e-cigarettes.


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