Space City Comic Con Screws Thousands! Bounced Checks! Promoter Fled! Contracts Broken! Fans Cheated!

Space City Comic Con took place this weekend. It was supposed to be the biggest cast reunion of Sons of Anarchy since the show ended. Charlie Hunnam made a rare appearance for the event.

Celebrities and guests arrived at the hotel where they learned their rooms could not be honored due to bad payment method.

Thousands bought VIP packages that ranged from $800-$2500 for the SOA experience. Everyone went home empty handed when celebrity guests learned their checks had bounced.

VIP Packages were not honored. Hundreds waited for photo ops that could never be honored. All demanded refunds. Those who could get a straight response, got partial refunds. Only small fractions of large sums were returned.

Fans who traveled from around the world, placed what little money they had into the convention. Some celebrities left immediately. However, there were tons that stayed to help fans save their experience and complete loss.

Bless the celebrities that stayed. Those are the true heroes.






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