Super Short Sunday! Scotty Foils The Parent Trap After Meeting Hayley Mills! Autographs! Photos! Disney Madness!

Super Short Sunday – Hayley Mills Edition
June 24, 2018
By: Scott

I am a huge Disney fan and have been since I was a small child. I have collected and kept everything I have ever owned regarding Disney. I kept things even when my dad tried to get me to get rid of items as a kid. I have been a collector forever. One of my favorite films of all time is the original The Parent Trap with Hayley Mills. I have tried for Hayley a few times without success. When I saw that she would be a guest at a celebration for the Sherman brothers, I was not going to miss it. It was a challenge, but I finally got Hayley to sign my Laserdisc and my album. They did not allow pictures inside, but I was kind of glad that I was able to enjoy the evening without worrying to take pictures and videos. Thank you, Hayley for signing my items. You made my night!

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