Super Star Saturdays! Randomly Meeting Designer Jeremy Scott! And Recapping Elvira’s Final Year At Knott’s Scary Farm!

Super Star Saturdays – Jeremy Scott Edition

October 28, 2017

By: Scott


It did not happen on the streets of Los Angeles, or the streets of New York, nor on the streets of Milan Italy, but it occurred while waiting in line for food at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. I went to see Elvira perform during her last appearances at Knott’s Scary Farm. I was not going to miss out on this event. It took two hours to get to Buena Park, and I had lost all interest at that point in going after fighting traffic. My friend and I barely made the first show. It was AWESOME!

After the show, we were going to get back in line to catch the second performance. We also went to get food. While I was waiting in line for food, I looked over to my left and saw a familiar face. It was fashion designer Jeremy Scott. I am a fan of his designs, especially his winged Adidas shoes.

I couldn’t believe that of all places to see Jeremy, it would be Knott’s Scary Farm. Jeremy was incredibly kind and took a picture with me. Meeting Jeremy more than made up for the awful fight with the traffic. Thank you, Jeremy for definitely being a super star in my book! You made my night even more exciting.

Jeremy Scott meeting fans signing autographs

I am also including a gallery of Elvira’s AMAZING performance.

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