Super Short Sunday! Scotty Says Nicole Kidman Is To Die For After Meeting The Moulin Rouge Star! Autographs! and More!

Scotty and I are huge fans of Nicole Kidman, I just really have enjoyed her work, and she’s so good in Lion. 

Nicole had a q and a this week and she was very nice after, signing for everyone. Dev Patel was equally great and met with as many people as he could. 

It was a great night and I’m super thankful!

Check out this weeks Super Short Sunday below!


Super Short Sundays – Lion Edition

December 11, 2016

By: Scott


This week I was fortunate enough to attend a screening and Q & A of the film “Lion.” I was not sure what to expect from the film as I have not heard much about it. I am a big fan of Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel, so I thought it couldn’t be all that bad. In fact, the movie was phenomenal. It was moving and showed what the human spirit is capable of accomplishing.   I was truly blown away by the film and its cast. After the screening and Q & A, I was able to get a couple of signatures from Nicole Kidman and one from Dev Patel. Not too shabby, I must say. Thank you to the cast for making my night with a wonderful film and autographs to boot.


nicole-kidman-signing-autographs-gold-q-and-a-5 nicole-kidman-signing-autographs-gold-q-and-a-5 Nicole Kidman signed autograph photo psa Nicole Kidman signed autograph moulin rouge poster psa Dev Patel signed autograph PSA

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